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What Is The Best Fleet Tracking System?

It’s becoming almost impossible to run or manage a business fleet efficiently and maximize productivity without a fleet tracking system. A fleet management system is integral to ensuring productive and cost-efficient operations. The best fleet tracking system or software helps you monitor your trailers in real-time and your driver’s behaviors.
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It’s becoming almost impossible to run or manage a business fleet efficiently and maximize productivity without a fleet tracking system. A fleet management system is integral to ensuring productive and cost-efficient operations.

The best fleet tracking system or software helps you monitor your trailers in real-time and your driver’s behaviors. These systems also assist you in keeping your cargo safe and generate reports on the activities around your fleet.

Choosing a fleet tracking system that automates essential tasks and adds operational value to your business is important. This guide is for you if you’re searching for the best fleet tracking system. Connected Vehicles takes you through the things that make the best fleet tracking system.


Our industry research has pointed out that operational fleet managers are often pressured to utilize the limited available resources to generate more. Finding fleet utilization improvements while minimizing vehicle maintenance costs is challenging. Consider the following features when choosing fleet management software.

1. The GPS Tracking

Suppose you’re a fleet owner or operations manager looking forward to planning your vehicle’s routes and keeping track of each vehicle. In that case, it’s essential to ensure that you acquire a fleet tracking system software pre-equipped with GPS tracking.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) trackers allow you to track your vehicle’s location and display. GPS displays the location like Google maps allowing you to access it from your smartphone or tablet. GPS-enabled fleet management system enables you to locate your vehicles quickly and establish the closest driver to take an upcoming job or assist your drivers in evading accidents. If an accident does occur, a good fleet tracking system captures and records the data for accident reconstruction.

A significant limitation of GPS trackers that most companies offer is that such trackers provide breadcrumb trails and locations between five to ten-minute intervals. Connected Vehicles offers more elaborate GPS tracking, including live-to-the-second and more enhanced visibility into your trailer or truck’s location. Some advanced fleet management systems let you set geofences or predefined location zones where you get real-time alter whenever your vehicles enter or leave such designated areas. That’s the power of Geotab.

Connected Vehicles understands the challenges of trying to track vehicles without GPS. You or the operations managers need to make frequent calls with your drivers to determine the vehicle’s location. That’s a lot of manual intervention when there’s other fleet management items that need to be addressed.

The good news is that you can switch your entire fleet to the best fleet tracking system and get live location updates of your vehicle. Always ask your fleet management system provider how frequently their GPS tracker updates are and whether you always get real-time location.

2. Route Performance

One of the most straightforward strategies for reducing your fleet’s fuel costs is using a fleet tracking system to determine efficient routes your drivers should take. A fleet management software solution enables you to evaluate your previous routes’ performance and plan for routes that will save time and fuel for future deliveries. This software also helps you to predict departure and expected arrival times. Making you responsive to the customer’s need to know the expected delivery.

It’s advisable to go for fleet management solutions that meet your priorities and needs and simplifies your job. For instance, you can use Connected Vehicle’s best fleet tracking system to monitor your route performance in real time. The fleet management solution allows you to determine whether a route is running per your set schedules or is a complete stop. You can also get information and updates on the estimated arrival time based on the area’s traffic situation and accident data.

The fleet management system lets you go back and compare the actual route vs. the planned route that your driver took. This feature is essential in your investigation to establish if your drivers are stuck to the pre-determined routes to make timely deliveries. The feedback would assist you in realigning your future routes if the drivers experienced any hitches or route-related delays.

3. Maintenance Diagnostics

You lose money whenever a vehicle from your fleet is grounded or taken to the garage for unforeseen and costly repairs. Whether your vehicle is off the road for regular wear and tear or as a result of accident aftermath, there is always a way to minimize or dodge such downtime misfortunes. As a fleet owner or operations manager, you can anticipate such downtimes and implement relevant preventive strategies or be caught off-guard and come into the glare of resultant losses.

The costs of unforeseen downtime always go beyond the price of fixing the grounded parts. Your company also loses the hours that your vehicle is not on the road, increasing the risk of spoiling cargo and upsetting your clients. Drivers may also experience delayed payment.

The best fleet tracking system connects with your trailer’s OBD port and provides regular engine data, including coolant temperature, fuel use, vehicle health, and battery voltage. Connected Vehicle offers software that allows setups that notify you whenever there is a need for preventive maintenance. The software uses your mileage and last service information to alert you if there is any problem. You can set up daily health reports to view before deploying your fleet.

You’re looking for a fleet management system that monitors your vehicle’s health and recommends the need for upcoming maintenance schedule. Connected Vehicles provides the best fleet tracking system that takes less than ten minutes to install. Get update health reports when an engine code is generated allowing you to dive deeper into the problem and schedule the right maintenance.

Connected Vehicle’s fleet management software can pull engine fault codes to give your fleet maintenance managers crucial information about the fleet’s health and reduce downtime resulting from unforeseen situations.

4. Hours Of Service Compliance

Your fleet needs to be equipped with a robust fleet management system solution to enhance the process of complying with set road regulations. One of the regulations that require up-to-date fleet management software is hours of service compliance (HOS).

The HOS rule has established the maximum number of continuous driving that a driver should remain on the road before taking a mandatory break to rest. Such regulations are essential in curbing accidents emanating from fatigued or drowsy drivers.

As a fleet operational manager, for compliance, you must keep accurate and updated records of the number of continuous driving each of your drivers has spent on the road. The information helps you direct specific drivers who have exhausted their HOS to take the mandatory breaks and prevent hefty fines or loss of your company’s operating license.

Ask your chosen fleet management system vendor how they can assist you in complying with HOS regulations. For instance, Connected Vehicle offers FMCSA-registered ELD and Transport Canada approved devices that can be plugged into your trailer’s onboard diagnostics port and transmit your vehicle’s real-time data using a built-in WIFI hotspot. The information you receive includes the duration the engine has been running continuously, the Vehicle’s speed, routes, and other information.

Your drivers can use Connected Vehicle’s app to keep track of their HOS, complete driver vehicle inspection, and access duty status records.

5. Driver’s Safety

Driver safety on the road is one of your primary priorities as a fleet owner or operational manager. The best fleet tracking system should consider driver safety. Most fleet managers regard accidents as unavoidable misfortunes. However, installing the best fleet management system can assist you in establishing and preventing some of the leading causes of accidents, such as aggressive driving and speeding.

A fleet management system and driver safety program improve driver safety and assists you in reducing wear and tear costs. You can use Dash cams to capture footage on the road and generate video evidence on the road in events such as accidents. Your fleet manager can use the data to enhance fleet safety. Always choose a fleet management system that focuses on safety with advanced safety features such as dash cams.

Connected Vehicles provide your fleet manager with valuable reports and data collected using the dash cams and vehicle gateway. The fleet management software assigns each driver a safety score using the collected data. These scores help identify the specific drivers that need additional coaching.

Connected Vehicle’s Geotab integrated dual-facing dash cameras capture in-cab video of the driver and high-definition road footage. The cams are equipped with AI technology to establish dangerous behaviors such as fatigue, drowsy, and aggressive driving. These cams upload harsh or risky driving activities such as hazardous accelerations, sudden braking, and accidents. The manager is notified immediately when such incidents occur. This data helps in the exoneration of innocent drivers when accidents occur.

6. Customer Service

Customer service is another essential thing that sets the best fleet management system apart from the rest in the industry. Your relationship with a tracking system provider shouldn’t be bound to a sign up  and figure out how to use it.  The vehicles in your fleet are in transit 24/7, and sometimes a technical hitch that needs your telematics supplier’s help may develop. Most companies lack elaborate customer care to handle such crucial issues whenever they arise.

At Connected Vehicles, we understand that you may need us anytime for clarification concerning our devices. We pride ourselves on highly responsive customer care that promises your return on investment when you install our fleet management system. Our relationship with you doesn’t end at plugging and signing you into the tracking devices, but we focus on building a mutually beneficial partnership with you. Count on us for custom reports, insightful advice on how to use the device to extract even more info that you knew possible and troubleshooting.


For several reasons, Geotab has established itself as a household and most trusted telematics company in North America. Ranked globally as the number one commercial telematics provider, the company boasts feature-rich, user-friendly, and sleek software that you can integrate into your fleet and keep things moving.  As an authorized reseller, Connected Vehicles has different solutions that meet your needs whether you have one vehicle or run a company with a fleet of thousands of vehicles.

Connected Vehicle Technology incorporates leading technologies to provide a variety of solutions for fleet management needs. Connected Vehicles stands out if you’re searching for the best fleet tracking system that meets your unique needs. Find out more about Connected Vehicle’s fleet management system by checking the company products.

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