Fleet Asset Management

Fleet assets represent a significant amount of value to your company, and require effective management to reduce expenses and increase efficiency. Fleet asset management goes beyond vehicle management, to comprehensive management of non-powered assets and equipment. Unifying assets and fleet vehicles into a single, powerful management solution gives your operations a critical advantage.

Asset Management Software Solutions to Unify All Your Operations and Assets

Achieve your business objectives and an overall more efficient business by benefitting from a fleet asset management system that provides you with unparalleled asset and data visibility on a centralized system with a single platform. Take advantage of recent advances in fleet management software and hardware solutions to gain control over all aspects of your operations. Our superior solutions allow for data collection, tracking and more to help your business operate more cost effectively.

Track trailers and other peripherals the same way you would your vehicles to prevent theft, damage, and improve efficiency. Know if a trailer or shipping container that has been detached was broken into or stolen. Schedule, assign and unassign trailers and other assets to drivers or vehicles. Monitor heavy equipment assets, trailers, shipping containers, non-fleet equipment, warehousing equipment like forklifts and powered carts, and any other fleet assets you may have. Even lawnmowers and such machinery is trackable.

We provide solutions to meet your specific needs, including light exposure, temperature, motion detection monitoring of trailers and shipping containers for products, and much more. Simplify and streamline maintenance, safety and security processes, performance for customer service, and more. Meet your business goals and key performance indicators with superior solutions.

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Critical Intelligence Gathering for Actionable Information
Complete Visibility of Assets

Data is transmitted immediately for timely, informed decisions. Sensors and trackers integrate data from multiple sources to provide dashboard summaries in real time for fleet managers.

Location tracking monitors motion detection, while on-board sensors monitor temperature and light exposure for sensitive products; tracking devices in vehicles enabling monitoring by drivers.

Improve customer service with better protection of loads and a range of asset management functionalities, like remote prechecks, continuous reporting, light-out detection, and more.

Benefits of Fleet Management Software for Asset Management Why You Need It

Gain complete visibility of all assets to improve productivity through better asset planning and asset utilization. See at a glance if certain assets are over- or under-used, or where they need to be. Robust real-time tracking and reporting optimizes your asset management system and provides a fleet asset manager with tools to improve efficiency.
Streamline processes and manage multiple assets and processes for operations, all within a single platform. Fleet and asset management software allows for centralization of all your records, workflows, alerts, notifications and reminders, as well as dashboard reporting and summaries. Everything integrates smoothly for efficient, streamlined processes, with no potentials for gaps or missed assets and divisions. Fleet asset tracking information is integrated for easy monitoring from anywhere. Lower your company fleet expenses and expenditures with more efficient management and reduced administration time requirements.
Reduce potential risks of thefts, vandalism, unauthorized uses, and liabilities, with trackers to know where your assets are at all times and sensors that can indicate break-ins, damage, and other status updates. Warnings and alerts help you protect your assets and reduce replacement and repair costs. You have responsibilities and liabilities associated with all the assets you own, so protect your business with robust security and tracking. Complete visibility of an up to date inventory eliminates the risk of forgotten assets to enhance asset utilization. As well, insurance premiums may be reduced.

Fleet Asset Management System Technology Cutting Edge Solutions

We tailor solutions and technologies to your business needs. Leveraging the advanced technologies of Flex Solar Asset Trackers, Phillips Connect and BeWhere, we create an integrated fleet asset management solution that effortlessly and seamlessly manages your fleet assets and streamlines fleet operations.

Phillips Connect enables real-time data collection and analytics for trailers, containers, and small or heavy machinery. BlackBerry Radar provides effective solutions for common transportation and logistics challenges, with tools for tracking trailers, intermodal containers, and other fleet assets. BeWhere designs and manufactures advanced technology sensor and software applications, providing real-time information on assets and environmental conditions.

Know if peripheral fleet assets are damaged, stolen, or used without permission. If a refrigerated container is left open or temperature is unacceptable, automated alerts will notify for immediate correction.

Increase trailer utilization, decrease trailer ratios, improve performance and save driver and dispatcher time. Improve container utilization, reduce idle time and maximize cube space.

Your asset manager will have the necessary information and resources to develop an effective asset management plan, reducing administration, improving the working life of valuable assets, increasing productive use of limited resources, and more. Asset failure issues, such as not meeting demand or required service levels, or breakdowns can be predicted and addressed proactively. Clear cost benefit analysis of assets are presented with software solutions, to determine if asset expenses override the cost or value of an asset. Monitor the efficiency, cost effectiveness and value of assets for better-educated decisions.

Risks and opportunities can be more easily presented, shared, and tied in with other business operations.

Gain a more holistic view of your asset management system and asset management plan, compared to a fleet management system that focuses on vehicles only. Effective asset management can help you meet your goals, reduce expenses, meet customer requests and increase efficiency.

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