Fleet Tracking Canada

Connected Vehicles helps Canadian fleets and fleet managers achieve their business operations goals. Our fleet management solutions go beyond simple fleet tracking to powerful tools for boosting efficiency and enhancing fleet productivity.

Stay Connected With Your Fleet Vehicles and Drivers

With your mobile workforce, it can be difficult to effectively manage all aspects of your vehicles and drivers. The challenges of great distances and climate extremes in Canada can make fleet management especially challenging. However, with our fleet management solutions, you can have complete visibility of your fleet vehicles, individually or grouped. Get real time reports and accurate information on your fleet, including vehicle locations, truck and engine health, driver behaviours for driver safety, and much more. Boost fleet efficiency with fleet management software that integrates data from a GPS tracking system, vehicle information, and third party sources.

With easy plug and play fleet tracking devices that simply plug into an OBD II port, and software that integrates all information instantly and seamlessly to a single platform, with robust reporting and trending options, your fleet manager now has the necessary information to make informed decisions. Whatever your fleet size, you can save money on fuel costs, as you reduce fuel consumption with less idling and optimized route planning, as well as costs due to maintenance, downtime, accidents, and more. As a business owner, you and your fleet manager get access to industry comparison and benchmark reports that help you improve your fleet operations.

Improve Management of Vehicle Health With Proactive Vehicle Maintenance Tools

Monitor the entire fleet, near or far. Reduce excessive wear and tear on vehicles through tools to improve your drivers' habits. Systems to trigger better preventive maintenance, with less administration required, plus enhanced access to robust data on all trucks and company cars, mean a more efficient fleet.

Reduce Costs and Fuel Usage with a GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

With our advanced fleet telematics, optimized trip planning for speed and efficiency allows you to reach more destinations whilst cutting waste of fuel and wear on vehicles. Anti-idling options are available. Real time traffic data allows timely route corrections, for reliable on-time delivery to customers, while maintaining efficiency.

GPS Technology and Fleet Solutions for Business in Canada

Connected Vehicles has a long history of providing service to Canadian clients; we are familiar with the regulatory and compliance requirements of Canadian fleets, as well as the challenges of distance and weather in Canada. We will work with you to develop a custom fleet tracking system and fleet management solution that fully meets your needs and goals.

Get all the information fleet managers need with vehicle tracking that can be filtered by division, local region, or other grouping. Contact us for a free demonstration of our GPS tracking and fleet management software and hardware solutions. We provide full customer support, and ensure your systems are optimized for your needs.

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Integrated Fleet Tracking Software

The key advantage to our solutions is the ability to access real time data, on a single software platform that you can view from a mobile device. Robust reporting and trending and streamlined, simplified electronic forms give you unparalleled connectivity, oversight, and control of your operations.

  • Improve customer service with faster service and more accurate ETAs
  • Access timely, comprehensive data for proactive decisions
  • Improve safety, compliance and other performances
  • Enjoy complete scalability of systems
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