Fleet Tracking United States

Gain the competitive advantage of GPS fleet tracking solutions that provide you with comprehensive, instant data and reports on all aspects of your fleet vehicles, equipment and assets, so you can make timely and data-driven business decisions to increase productivity and efficiency. Benefit from broad, scalable solutions that streamline and enhance. We will help you, every step of the way.

GPS Tracking Solutions for Complete Visibility

You can finally have a GPS fleet tracking system that lets you manage all aspects of your fleet, with full visibility of all different fleet vehicles, equipment and assets. Get comprehensive reports, important trends and accurate vehicle data, including vehicle location, vehicle activity, engine health, and more.

Live vehicle tracking even lets you monitor driver behaviors for driver safety. Boost fleet efficiency with GPS tracking software that integrates data from asset tracking devices, vehicle information, and third party sources.

Real Time Data From Each Vehicle Tracking Device, Integrated on One Fleet Tracking Platform

Cutting edge technology enables instant reports, trends and data to be collected and shown in one integrated platform, viewable from any mobile device.

Fleet managers have total visibility and control, to be able to improve fleet performance, and owners have instant access to up to date industry benchmark reports to make informed business decisions. Optimize vehicle maintenance, route planning, positive driving habits, and maximize how your fleet operates.

GPS Fleet Tracking of Vehicle Health, Driving Behavior, and Third-Party Data

Collect data on more than just vehicle location, including driver behaviors like engine idling, speeding, harsh braking, and other key events.

Vehicle health can be monitored for more effective maintenance. With advanced fleet telematics and GPS technology, optimized trip planning for speed and efficiency based on real time traffic data is possible.


Scalable, Flexible Fleet Tracking System for a Complete Solution

Choose a GPS tracking system where you can simply plug GPS trackers into an OBD II port, and let software integrate everything seamlessly for you.

Clear and detailed reporting and trending, with unparalleled accuracy, gives your fleet manager better information for decisions, all in one solution. Save on fuel costs, maintenance, and other expenses, and boost fleet productivity and safety. Choose a system that is also easy and quick to implement, with unlimited scalability, so it continues to meet your needs as you grow. The innovative technology and solutions are flexible enough for diverse fleets and asset management to help any industry, whether you have a construction fleet at a job site or golf carts on the course.

Active fleet management of your entire fleet operations is now possible, even with a highly mobile workforce. Improve safety and reduce excessive wear and tear on vehicles through tools to improve driver habits. Easily implement better preventive maintenance and compliance systems, while reducing administration required. We offer the best GPS tracking system that lets you stay agile, even as your business grows and changes.


Increase Customer Satisfaction With Reliability and Performance

Stay competitive, with US fleet tracking software and solutions that let you provide better service to your customers. Our vehicle tracking solution makes trip planning easy, optimizing routes with a click; potential issues such as traffic and road closures are no longer a problem, as these are alerted, and re-routing can be done in seconds.

You can offer better, faster service, to ensure customers can depend on you, while reducing fuel consumption and other overhead costs.


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