FMCSA Compliance

Connected Vehicles solutions can help you with your compliance process and efforts. Devices used for our fleet management solutions are compliant with both Canadian and US federal regulations, and are on the list of FMCSA Approved ELD products.

Get the Easiest and Most Powerful Electronic Logging Devices

Electronic logging devices increase safety as well as being required for compliance. Connected Vehicles can help you with solutions to meet legislative requirements, reduce administration time and costs, plus maintain accurate logs.

Reminders to operators to log in and out of their driver's log, real-time reporting and alerts for hours of service help ensure compliance. Drivers who are low or out of hours are immediately notified, and are alerted to unassign their truck when leaving. They are also notified if they miss a vehicle inspection. Even warnings on interrupting shift and cycle resets are automated. Your fleet manager will be able to monitor unassigned logs and make necessary annotations in bulk. A simple click can annotate logs or adjust availability calculations.

Comprehensive workflows to help drivers certify logs, claim unassigned driving, complete trip inspections, and complete other compliance tasks. Customizable and automated alerts, reminders, notifications, and reporting helps you ensure your business is fully compliant throughout all levels of the organization. Workflows and documentation are hassle-free and more effective, with less administration time.

All system updates are automatic and wireless, synching automatically. There is also offline support when out of cellular coverage.

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What Is Required for ELD Mandate and ELD Rule Compliance?

The U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires that drivers keep electronic logs as part of the ELD rule requirements. These devices can be self-certified by manufacturers south of the border. In Canada, ELDs must be third-party certified. For cross-border compliance, our third-party certified device solutions enable you to work in both countries seamlessly. ELDs must use telematic or local electronic data transfer methods with an ELD output file that can be transferred as required by an authorized safety official.

For E-log mandate, or ELD Final Rule, Records of Duty Status, and Canadian ELD mandate compliance, drivers of commercial motor vehicles must use electronic logging devices to automatically record and transmit ELD data, including driver and vehicle data like driving time, location, date, time, vehicle miles, vehicle motion, engine power status, and engine hours every hour.

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Compliance Made Simple with Approved ELD Devices

Relax knowing that your fleet management and tracking solutions provide electronic logging functionality that offers cross-border compliance. Geotab technology supports over 100 hours of service rulesets and exemptions for both Canada and the U.S. Roadside inspections are streamlined and simplified, as data and logs can be sent with just a click; a compliant alternative display is available when out of coverage. Customizable, automatic reminders, alerts and notifications ensure processes are being followed per requirements. Special categories, such as personal conveyance, are logged separately. Driver inspections and other forms are simple, fast and easy to use, to make compliance easier than ever.
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Complete Electronic Logging Device Compliance Solutions

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Hours of Service

Leading-edge, painless Hours of Service tracking and reporting enhances safety and ensures compliance. Detailed dashboard reports on driver logs, HOS status at login, remaining hours, as well as alerts, are customizable and give clear visibility on availability. Unassigned logs can be managed instantly.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Simplify IFTA management, tracking distance by state or province automatically, with highly accurate odometer readings. Fuel card data can be integrated, so you no longer have to manually manage receipts. Transactions and data can be viewed with customizable reports.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)

Simplify driver vehicle inspections and vehicle diagnostics. Workflows for pre-trip and post-trip inspections for U.S. and Canadian requirements simplify processes. Customizable, automatic alerts and notifications for missed inspections or defaults noted are sent in real time. Pictures and comments can be added.

Go Beyond Just Reaching Compliance to Competitive Advantages

For the same costs and efforts of getting an ELD device that only just satisfies compliance for electronic logging and ELD records, get a solution that goes beyond - one that is a provider of a competitive advantage. Our solutions allow for rich data collection from a variety of sources, integrated seamlessly into one platform, for complete fleet management. Our solutions are also completely flexible and scalable, allowing easy enhancements as your business needs or legislation changes. Ensure ELD compliance, but choose a system that will also help you grow and improve productivity, efficiency, and safety.


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