Video telematics can protect your business interests and fleet operations, enhance fleet safety, and provide insight and video data from before and after events for investigation and decision-making. Going beyond simple dash cameras, our video telematics solutions reduce risky driving behavior, provide first notification of incidents, and more.

How Video Telematics Systems Work Within Fleet Management

With video telematics, fleet managers can be immediately informed of unsafe driving or poor driver performance. Cameras capture video footage of events, locations and other video evidence. Managers can monitor for cell phone use and distracted driving, driver fatigue, and other concerns to reduce fleet risk. Images and video are viewable in real time, remotely from a platform that integrates data from this and other sources for comprehensive information-gathering. Video telematics offers more than just adding dash cameras; high-definition video information is actively integrated into fleet management to coach and improve driver behavior, alert managers about risky situations, notify about incidents, and provide evidence.
Gain Insight With a Video Telematics Solution
We can customize video telematics to maximize the information received from sensors and dash cams to give you greater insights into and more actionable information on your driver safety and risk management programs. Gain immediate information on key events like harsh braking, speeding, and idling as well as collisions.
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Customized Recording with Easy Video Evidence Viewing
Multiple cameras record and retain footage for driving events; active recording can be customized to meet your needs. Incident thresholds can be specified, such as only recording if speeding exceeds a certain limit. We ensure full integration of your video telematics solution for easy video retrieval.
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Video Footage with Context for Actionable Insights

At Connected Vehicles, we integrate your fleet video telematics with other fleet management solutions, combining location, speed, and vehicle data, including engine data, to give you the most comprehensive and valuable information on driving activity and incident details. Video evidence is given more context, while being instantly available.
Complete Visibility for Fleet Managers

View video telematics from anywhere, with footage sent instantly to your fleet management platform. Have your data on one platform, viewable from a mobile device.

Optimized Camera Set-Ups

We can customize a camera set-up, whether you would benefit from road-facing dash cams, road and driver-facing set-ups, or custom multiple-camera coverage.

Lower Insurance Premiums
High quality video evidence can assist with potential disagreements or legal actions, and may reduce insurance premium costs.

Benefits of a Well-Integrated Video Telematics System

Video telematics can help with operational efficiency, by giving you fuller visibility into your mobile operations. Our video telematics solutions can provide you with a greater depth and accuracy of information and insight that was previously difficult for fleet managers to obtain.

Video telematics is an excellent tool for encouraging safety, enabling driver coaching and better monitoring of safe behaviours, with the latest computer vision technology. You can ensure better compliance with and success of safety programs. If an accident does happen, you receive immediate notification to allow you to ensure your driver is OK and to manage the next steps proactively. You can protect your business from false claims and other liability concerns, and you can investigate incidents and collisions fully. Integration with other vehicle data gives you the most robust information possible.

Our solutions allow remote access to video footage and storage on a single platform, so you can view footage at any time. This also facilitates any claims process. Information is incorporated into overall reporting.

You can also lower maintenance costs, by decreasing driver habits like hard braking that causes excessive wear and tear on vehicles.


Dash and In-Vehicle Cameras for Driver Safety

Connected Vehicles' video solutions help managers achieve better control of driver safety through artificial intelligence. Traditionally, it was difficult to monitor fleet operators and drivers. However, new camera technology enables active monitoring of dangerous situations, such as distracted driving, drowsy driving, or other risky behaviours. New technology means that this can be achieved without impacting driver privacy, as we can customize your camera footage capture rules, so only set activities are recorded. It also means active collision-avoidance functionality; cameras with artificial intelligence can predict imminent collisions and can give instant feedback to drivers to avoid an accident.

Video footage adds context, such as indicating if a hard brake was due to being cut off or from tailgating, allowing more appropriate action from management to be taken. Management has better information on driving and conditions, for more effective decision-making. The technology also allows for automatic tools to coach drivers with verbal notifications, so you can rely on feedback being given as necessary, without managers having to spend extra time to do so themselves.



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