Seasonal and Landscaping Fleet Management & Tracking

Our telematics systems for landscaping fleet management help lower costs and improve productivity, with tools to make your fleet operations more efficient. Real time insights allow you to improve operations, resulting in increasing revenue for your landscaping business.

Field Service Management Software to Optimize Your Landscaping Business

With our solutions for fleet management, landscaping companies can benefit from greater efficiency and better visibility of their operations, for more informed decision-making. Monitor all landscaping assets across multiple locations with real time tracking, and get more jobs completed with better asset utilization keeping your business moving and your customers happy.

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Connected Vehicles has solutions that will incorporate the varied equipment and machinery in a landscaping fleet. Enjoy a fleet tracking solution that includes trailers, containers, generators, lawn care trucks, lawnmowers, woodchippers, and more. Battery powered, solar powered, and Bluetooth trackers are available to best meet your unique needs. Track both powered and unpowered assets. Track heavy assets and machinery. Install Geotab’s GPS tracking devices in heavy equipment to monitor essential maintenance information. Tracking your machinery helps in the case of theft when left on-site overnight. It also helps you pre-plan services based on usage hours to avoid unscheduled downtime.
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Fleet Tracking Solutions

Driver Safety

Ok Alone provides companies that have workers who do their jobs offsite and alone numerous benefits, including:

  • SMS, auto-phone calls, emails and WhatsApp to alert manager
  • Safety audit logs to demonstrate compliance
  • Apps for Android and iPhone
  • Safety zone (geo fencing)
  • Safety awards and rankings to engage workers and managers
  • Hands free status updates and help signal, using Siri and Google Assistant
  • GPS monitoring reports
  • Timesheet reports
  • High-risk check ins
  • Man down monitoring
  • Worker grouping and group escalations
  • Help button to immediately alert managers
  • 24/7 support
  • Track time theft by monitoring time in zones

Equipment Engine Data Collection

Our telematics solutions collect robust engine and equipment data, including engine fault codes, to assist with predictive maintenance and vehicle maintenance scheduling. Prioritization of maintenance is also possible. Clear reports and trending enable better maintenance program planning to reduce costs and downtime.

Electronic Forms and Processes

For your mobile workforce, simplify, streamline and ensure forms are completed, with electronic forms. Automatic alerts, notifications, and reminders help drive compliance. Route reporting, inspections, scheduling, invoicing, and other forms can all be completed on the one platform. For your customers, automatically deploy invoices and customer surveys for a great client experience.

Fuel Costs Management

Monitor fuel usage and costs; driver behavior like idling can be monitored and eliminated, to reduce fuel consumption. Fuel card information can be integrated for a complete picture of fuel usage and fuel costs.

Scalable and Flexible Solutions that Integrate Seamlessly

Our solutions are customizable, and designed to integrate with your existing systems. With easy plug and play technology, it is easy to add on as your landscaping fleet grows, or increase functionality to meet changing needs. Our solutions help you grow, and grow with you, with no extra administration or implementation time needed. Take advantage of Power Take Off (PTO), where companies can submit for tax rebates on the gas used when machines like a crane are used. Keep track of utilisation times easily and have them documented.

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Save Time and Money to Help Your Company's Budget


Eliminate Theft and Misuse

With GPS fleet tracking, get alerted immediately on a potential theft or unauthorized vehicle usage, to prevent misuse and recover assets, save on replacement costs, and minimise time theft by your workers.

Increase ROI of Assets

With predictive and more reliable maintenance, you can increase the lifespan of your assets and reduce downtime.

Fleet Management Reduces Administration Time and Increase Customer Service

With instant reporting, automatic alerts and reminders, streamlined electronic forms and workflows, managers and landscaping professionals save time on non-billable work.


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