Geotab Device

The Geotab Device is leading-edge, true plug and play technology. It captures and communicates data from multiple sources like the engine, sensors, videos, camera asset trackers and other sources. It integrates the information seamlessly to provide useful information and productivity tools, as part of fleet management solutions that give you a competitive advantage.


The GO device provides cutting-edge GPS technology for a superior vehicle tracking system that has complete expandability and collects the most usable information possible. It monitors g-force, engine data, speed, location, and driving behaviours, and can recreate trips completed, analyze incidents, and optimize routes, with its patented tracking algorithm.

Collect robust, current, and accurate data on vehicle location, speed, trip distance, time, and much more. GPS vehicle tracking and telematics records while driving, with fast latch times and incredibly accurate location data.

Benefit from vehicle health assessments, with valuable information collected on engine and vehicle health to help prioritize vehicle maintenance, audit vehicle usage, and improve efficiency. You can reduce fuel costs through better fuel efficiency as vehicles are maintained better, and reduce downtime.

With accurate data on driver location tracking and behaviour monitoring, driver safety scorecards and in-cab coaching help promote better, safer habits.

If your operations are on the rough side, then GO RUGGED is the device for you. All the same great benefits of the regular GO device, but with the heavy duty strength to handle all kinds of elements and terrain. If your fleet includes farm equipment, yellow iron, off-road vehicles, heavy machinery, mining vehicles, or any other type of vehicle that may encounter harsh weather, extreme temperatures, you need the resiliency of GO RUGGED.

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Fast and Easy ImplementationGet Started Instantly

To get started, you simply need to find the vehicle's OBD II port, or engine diagnostic port. Unlike other fleet tracking devices and systems, you do not need to splice wires or install a dash-mounted antenna to set up the GO device.
Next, plug in the Geotab Go Device. This GPS fleet tracking solution, coupled with Geotab's fleet management software, is so simple to implement, it does not require special installation. It can be done anywhere, so is an easy option for your mobile workforce.
Get immediate data collection, reporting, and productivity tools to help fleet managers improve driver safety, fleet efficiency, and manage vehicle maintenance needs. With this fleet management solution, you can reduce fuel usage, increase lifespans of fleet assets, and make more informed decisions.
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GPS Fleet Tracking Software
Rapid, Robust Data

Real Time Tracking
Get real time data continuously for the entire fleet. Get driver data, like driver behavior, vehicle speed, location, and engine diagnostics, like engine health and engine fault codes instantly.
Superior Vehicle Data
Get more robust information than other devices offer with our fleet telematics solution. The GO device has superior asset tracking, for better information for fleet managers.

Seamless Integration Unlimited Expandability

Connected Vehicles’ solutions easily and seamlessly integrate with 3rd party add-ons, so you can add on new functionality as you need it. With our Connected Vehicles solutions, we can quickly and easily add applications to your existing telematics solutions, without needing additional hardware or having to switch providers. Customized software can be designed to meet unique fleet management system needs. Plus, with the easy plug and play GO Device, it is easy to add new fleet vehicles as necessary. Other equipment and asset tracking is easily handled, too. Because of the ease of use and complete scalability of our GPS tracking systems and fleet management solutions, we can help both large and small businesses alike, helping both to grow and thrive.

A range of add-ons provide your fleet manager with complete information and reporting to effectively manage fleet operations. Temperature monitoring, hours of service solutions, camera systems, and other tools to increase your productivity, efficiency and functionality can be easily implemented. Whether you are looking for tools to improve compliance measures, improve driver and vehicle safety, enhance fleet performance, facilitate vehicle inspections, or have other fleet needs, there are solutions to help, which can all be accessed through the one fleet management platform.

Advanced Safety Features for Accident Avoidance, Detection, and Notification

Increase driver safety by ensuring good driving habits. An in-vehicle coaching option is available to provide instant alerts and meaningful feedback to drivers. Corrections for speeding, harsh braking or cornering, aggressive acceleration, and even idling, can be used.

If there is an accident, you are immediately notified by email or desktop alert, so you can respond right away to ensure the driver is okay. GPS tracking is highly accurate, to know where the driver and vehicle are. Detailed forensic data is uploaded from the GO device, for incident reconstruction. The GO device will even detect an in-vehicle reverse collision. Because of these key features, insurance premiums may be reduced.


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