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At Connected Vehicles, we believe that it is our job to make sure our customers have access to as many helpful resources as possible, to help them in their journey of more efficient and productive fleet management. We continually add to our curated library of white papers and case studies.

Fleet Management Resources and Case Study Learnings

Check out our variety of resources to help you in your efforts to optimize fleet management. We have provided information to help with your safety, legislation, environmental, and efficiency efforts, plus more.

The Tried and True Way is Not Always the Best Way

Steed and Evans made the switch from using time consuming and ineffective methods to manage their fleet.
This case study examines how one company chose productivity over an old-fashioned system that wasn't cutting it when it came to overseeing fleet maintenance and repairs. Connected Vehicles was able to give them the control they needed to reduce their vehicles' downtime and become proactive, even remotely.

Small Fleet Management

Getting the Big Picture in Small Fleet Management: How telematics data is saving small businesses thousands.
When a fleet is not properly managed, a small business can easily get overwhelmed by out-of-control maintenance, insurance, and other costs. Small businesses face these large challenges of keeping overhead low. Although you don’t have thousands or even hundreds of vehicles to manage, you can still benefit from getting the most data possible from your fleet to help you manage it and your bottom line.

Driver and Fleet Safety

Driving The Fleet Safety Movement: Practical Use of Telematics in a Safety Program to Save Lives and Reduce Costs.
A clear divide between what drivers know to be unsafe and what they choose to do anyway, shows that a deeper issue exists for organizations and fleet managers, and educating drivers on safe driving practices is simply not enough. Learn methods to effectively reduce driving risks, improve on-road safety, and demonstrate measurable improvements, while managing day-to-day operations.

OBD Port and Connected Vehicles

Preserving Privacy And Security in The Connected Vehicle: The OBD Port on the Road Ahead.
Cyber security threats and privacy concerns are key issues for the transportation industry. Transportation has played a leading role in commercializing digital innovation, making these issues vitally important to the industry. Solutions are critical to the preservation and ongoing innovation of telematics-enabled commercial transportation and fleet management. Learn more about these issues and risks, as well as opportunities. Learn what steps you can take.

Geotab’s High Standards in Safety and Reliability

OBD Aftermarket Devices: Geotab Advances Safety through Design, Manufacture, and Testing for Reliable Performance.
Geotab has been a proven industry leader in the area of GPS and computer enabled fleet management and vehicle tracking, also known as telematics. Discover some of the design requirements and features of the Geotab device that increase efficiency in vehicle fleet management and improve the safety of fleet vehicle operation.

Over-the-Air Programming from International Truck

Over-the-Air Programming.
International Truck has introduced Over-the-Air Programming, a new way to service and maintain your fleet with the 9-pin International® LINK device. It leverages reliable technology to boost uptime. International Truck’s Over-the-Air programming allows two-way communication with the engine over a secure wireless connection, allowing the most up-to-date engine calibrations to be run at all times.

Drive Lean, Drive Clean

Drive Lean, Drive Clean: Best Practices for Fuel-Efficient Driving, Highway Trucking.
Discover best practices for fuel-efficient driving, according to Natural Resources Canada. Learn about some actions you can take to reduce fuel consumption, related greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) and costs and to increase road safety. The guide is targeted at professional truck drivers, whether owner/operators, company drivers or independent drivers.

Trucking Efficiency Report

Trucking Efficiency Confidence Report: Maintenance Executive Summary.
Fuel costs faced by the tractor-trailer industry have been swiftly and steadily rising. Optimized maintenance to ensure peak performance for your fleet is becoming increasingly important. Discover solutions to help you track, measure and increase efficiencies, to help your business counteract these challenges.

Increasing Profitability With Telematics

Geotab Management by Measurement Increasing Profitability with Telematics: COI vs. ROI.
Learn what the potential cost of ignoring COI could be, as well as how it is calculated. Discover how to use a Fleet Savings Summary Report optimally. Also learn about four key opportunities for cost savings, and the critical importance of driver behaviour management. Discover how to benefit from new cost savings and increase profit through telematics solutions.

Southern Wine and Spirits Case Study

Southern Wine and Spirits of America, Inc.
With operations spread across 35 states, Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc. (Southern) faces challenges in safely and productively managing drivers and fleet vehicles, ranging across 6,000 miles to serve 187,000 customers. Learn how Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc. is facing and beating these challenges.


Geotab’s GoTalk Device

GoTalk In-Vehicle Verbal Coaching Solution.
GoTalk provides real-time feedback to drivers about their safety and performance on the road. Improve bad driving habits while forming good ones. Discover how it helps improve driver behaviour, manage aggressive driving, and reduce accident and collision rates. Learn how to enhance productivity, reduce liability costs, and minimize vehicle wear and tear through GoTalk real-time coaching.

FMCSA’S Eld Mandate

Understanding the FMCSA’s Final Rule on ELDs: An Overview of Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs) and Compliance for Fleets.
In December 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) released a final ruling requiring the use of electronic logging devices (ELDs) for commercial truck and bus industries. Understand this new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) final ruling better, and how it can impact your business.



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