Fleet Management Solution

Productivity Management

Connected Vehicles provides superior productivity management software solutions that capitalize on Geotab technology. Make more informed business operations decisions, based on better, more complete information through Geotab's world-class GPS fleet tracking system.

Gain Complete Fleet Information on a Single Fleet Management Platform

Access More Complete and Accurate Data

Fleet managers can finally have all the information they need to make fleet management operations more effective. Data on vehicle location through GPS tracking, completed trips, accurate mileage, engine hours, vehicle health and more are collected effortlessly on your part.

Benchmarking and Measuring to Ensure Success

With the ability to measure key metrics, fleet managers can now set benchmarks for success; measurements against these are automatically tracked. Fleet efficiency, productivity and other aspects can even be measured against third-party scores.

Reports and Trends For Easy Review

Customizable reports give fleet managers the information they need at a single glance. Through seamless fleet management software integration, information from a range of sources is combined perfectly, for actionable information.

Unparalleled Connectivity, Wherever You Are

Connected Vehicles works with you to set up fleet management systems that work for you, to simplify and optimize operations. We can help you gather and collect data from a huge range of sources, including third-party sources, to provide you with the intel you need to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency. Our fleet management solutions go beyond simple fleet tracking to robust information reporting to allow you to optimize route planning, fleet maintenance, fleet performance, asset utilization, driver safety, and more. Reduce costs and keep your entire fleet safe, with a single cloud-based platform. World class fleet telematics devices and software connect you in real time to any vehicle or group of vehicles in your fleet, with reports accessible from your mobile device.

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Fleet Management Tool to Improve Safety

Improve driver safety with the ability to measure and monitor driver behaviour, including not using seatbelts, speeding hard braking, sharp cornering, aggressive acceleration, and other risky behaviours. Accident detection system lets you respond as events happen in real time. Vehicle inspections and inspection checklists can be completed digitally for streamlined processes.
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Fleet Management Solutions to Transform Your Fleet

Connected Vehicles helps you transform your fleet into a connected one, with Geotab's plug and play fleet management system and tools. This technology is compatible with data ports in most commercial trucks and other vehicles, including hybrids, electric vehicles, delivery vans, and more. The Geotab GO device plugs easily into a OBD II port, with adaptors available for vehicles without this port. No special tools or equipment are necessary. The Geotab IOX expander allows for expandability and scalability of your operations, and lets you daisy-chain new Geotab hardware onto your systems. Gain the power of GPS fleet tracking, vehicle health tracking, and driver behaviour monitoring that meets your unique business needs.

Innovative Solutions and Data-Based Fleet Management Tools

Business decisions are only as good as the quality of information they are based on. You need to get superior information to make better decisions, and get quality, accurate and measurable data to enable data driven decisions. Improve your decision making with a world-class GPS fleet tracking system and fleet management software that delivers real time data on vehicle location, fuel usage, completed trips, accurate mileage, vehicle activity, engine hours, and more, for all your vehicles. The unified platform enables easy viewing and comprehension of all data, whatever your fleet size.

With advanced tracking devices and fleet tracking software, fleet owners and managers can be confident in all business decisions, including those regarding fleet safety, maintenance, legislative compliance, efficiency, and other critical areas.

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Optimized, Data-Driven Maintenance

Get the most out of your fleet vehicles and fleet operations. Reduce maintenance costs with more proactive vehicle maintenance, and get more out of your assets throughout their life cycle. Improve fuel efficiency to lower fuel consumption throughout the fleet, reducing fuel costs and overall operation costs. Advanced vehicle diagnostics and engine monitoring functionalities lets you closely monitor engine health for vehicle maintenance needs. With more accurate vehicle health data and service reminders, you can further enhance your preventive maintenance program.

Our comprehensive fleet maintenance software solutions also allow for completed maintenance tracking documentation and results to be stored and reported in real time. Reduce administrative time and have immediate access to important maintenance details. With a more robust and streamlined maintenance program, you can reduce vehicle downtime in your day to day operations, save money, and increase productivity.

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