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Geotab fleet management solutions are easily expandable. Benefit from the world's first expandable plug-and-play vehicle telematics platform that lets you add on or expand as you grow, to continue to meet your developing needs. Additional hardware, software, sensors, cameras, asset tracking and OEM connected solutions are available whenever, while custom solutions can easily be developed.

Fleet Management Solutions That Can Grow With You

Choose solutions that allow you to prepare for any changes while providing all required information in a single, user-friendly location. Tailoring a fleet management solution that fits your business is possible through Geotab Marketplace or the flexibility of customizable solutions with Geotab's Software Development Kit. With this, you can leverage the real-time connected vehicle data collected to develop custom solutions to meet your needs. You can create custom Add-In buttons or pages, connecting Geotab data with your interfaces for enhanced functionality.

Gain Better Control Over Operations Now, With Broad-Spanning Tools and Customizable Options

Geotab provides a world class experience for customers with a complete fleet management solution that helps you grow your business. With the Geotab's competitive advantage of complete control, you can increase efficiency and productivity, and reduce unnecessary costs, so you can grow.

Get Instant, Simple Scalability and Easy Expandability; Benefit From Intuitive Options and Add‑Ons

Geotab fleet management software solutions eliminate the 'growing pains' of expansion, with streamlined, easy processes and easily expandable solutions. Add-ons are available through Geotab Marketplace for any unforeseen new needs, or Geotab's software development kit allows for custom solutions. You can maximize your telematics solutions at any time with IOX expansion. Geotab IOX Add-Ons let you easily upgrade and update to meet your growing needs. As an authorized Geotab reseller, Connected Vehicles will work with you to assess and implement the right add on for your business.
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Benefit From Scalable, Expandable Software and Hardware Solutions

Gain unparalleled flexibility, with a fleet management solution that offers robust GPS tracking, customizable software opportunities, and the ability to enable seamlessly-integrated OEMs, asset trackers, cameras, video, sensors or installed hardware add-ons. All parts work together flawlessly, under one platform of control. This lets you easily add on hardware or software apps - any expansions you need - to integrate seamlessly with no issues. Schedule a demo and see this innovative technology for yourself.

Robust Driver and Vehicle Data Collection

Gain robust fleet productivity and fleet compliance data to drive progress. GPS tracking, driver identification, vehicle locations, speed, and more fleet and asset data can be proactively used.

Multiple Expandable Software Solutions

You have choices for software growth. Geotab Marketplace provides a wealth of useful modules, or you can develop unique solutions with the Geotab Software Development Kit, leveraging your data feeds.

Easily-Expandable Hardware Options

Integrate hardware within our single telematics solution. Data can be collected through a single device, with flexible sensor, video, camera and asset tracking integration, and information viewed on one platform.

Geotab's Software Development Kit and Marketplace Solutions

Eliminate inefficient paper processes and administration nightmares with software solutions that provide all fleet and asset data and reporting you need and allow you to simplify processes. Geotab gives you that, plus the ability to scale and expand as necessary, wherever your business takes you.

When you need increased functionality as you expand, Connected Vehicles works as your partner to find the right existing marketplace solution for instant upgrades. If you have unique needs, the Geotab Software Development Kit lets you develop your custom solution. Enhance your platform functionality, and streamline, automate, and simplify processes to increase efficiency and productivity. Gain the flexibility you need for your unique business needs. You can create mobile device apps, integrate third-party software, and more. Fleet management can now be unified effortlessly into your business processes for optimized results.

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Everything You Need, When You Need It

Easily connect additional hardware as you need. We have a growing partner network for complete hardware integration. You can find what you need on the Marketplace, including sensors, cameras, tablets, mounts, and more. Find what you need to collect the data you need, so you can take complete control of it. The vast potential to do so with third party solutions that are easily viewable from Marketplace gives you more power than ever. Whether you are looking for tools to measure fuel consumption, vehicle health, or driver behavior, it is easy to find what you need.

Geotab technology allows for flexible sensor integration, and supports third-party device integration through USB, CAN, RS232, and BLE interfaces. Any external device that reports information and is compatible with these can be used, giving you the most flexibility and control. You can also benefit from IOX expansion technology, and connect additional hardware to Geotab GO for added functionality to improve driving habits.

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