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From Edmonton to San Antonio, Vancouver to New York City, and everywhere in between. Connected Vehicles is the solution to fleet management, driver safety, asset tracking, and more in Canada and the United States.

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Capitalize on the powerful tracking abilities of global award winning technology, Geotab. These real-time vehicle tracking devices have an advanced tracking system, ensuring you know where everything is, all the time. They provide accurate data on vehicle location, speed, trip time, and more. Geotab uses authentication, encryption, and message integrity verification, plus other security features, for the highest level of security. Geotab also features vehicle health assessments, collision detection, in-vehicle driver coaching, advanced data capture and the integration of video and asset tracking.

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  • The support team is 100% available, hands on and always responsive.
  • JP (Customer Support) far exceeded my expectations. Very nice experience.
    Actium Composting
  • Connected Vehicles telematics has become a breath of fresh air as far as my fleet management system is concerned. I reached out because I was having troubles with my asset tracker because it wasn't active tracking enough! The team at Connected Vehicles recommended Phillips Connect to me, and the company did a fantastic job helping me install the tracking system with their mobile installer into our whole fleet. I'm loving the hell out of the new trackers! We'll keep ordering more of these tracking devices for upcoming vehicles in our fleet.
    Ali J. Youssef
    Director of Operations

Everything Is Connected - How About your vehicles?

We are living in a connected world. You can look up almost everything on the internet from phones or mobile devices, and people expect to be able to track everything. Now, new technologies allow vehicles and assets to be just as connected. With connected car technology, you can stay on top of everything that is happening with fleet operators, tracking connected vehicles, including delivery trucks, pieces of equipment, drivers and other vehicles that support your fleet. You can see exactly what is happening in your operations, wherever you are, from one platform, with the benefits of a centralized 'command zone'. The key benefits we provide with our service are measurable insights. It allows for comparison against existing ways and supports the return on investment. Connected Vehicles helps companies save money, increase efficiencies, and mitigate risks.
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Connected Vehicles Technology

With a vehicle connected to mobile technology, the hub sends vehicle data to the cloud where it is processed and accessed to gain valuable insights.
Connected Vehicle Technology for Vehicle to Vehicle Communication
With vehicle to vehicle connectivity, a vehicle communicates information to another in real time. It helps prevent accidents by sending position and speed information, helping you improve safety for your workforce, as well as public safety.

See Everything, Wherever You Are

Monitor all of your assets from your customized, centralized platform, to make real-time, fully-informed decisions based on the data provided. Know instantly if there have been traffic accidents, and know instantly if there are any issues with a connected vehicle. There are no more black-out zones or processes in your operations, giving you unparalleled information and controllability. This superior ability to monitor everything includes all your assets, at any location, including multiple sites of operations. Your warehousing equipment and vehicles, including forklifts, in-transit vehicles, delivery and mobile service trucks, electric vehicles, automated vehicles, and more, are all viewable from your customized centralized system.
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    Support for Fleet Drivers for Safety and Performance

    Assist your drivers, and improve driving behaviors. We can help you implement systems to reduce speeding and idling, using audible alerts or actual, real-time coaching, for immediate responsiveness. Track harsh-event data like fast acceleration, and hard braking or cornering. Take your fleet safety to the next level. You can also support your employees with the data they need with Connected Vehicles. This is beneficial to the fleet manager, also, as dashboards and reports allow them to track and monitor their operations. Benchmark against other similar fleets and find new ways to optimize their operations, not just track and report. Immediate data on road conditions, weather, traffic congestion, and collision warnings help your employees do their job. Roadside assistance is also easier and instant with a connected vehicle.
  • Multi location Connectivity



    Connectivity extends everywhere. With our communication technologies and customized strategies and systems, we optimize geofencing, or GPS-designated virtual geographic boundaries, giving you seamless communication across zones, cities, provinces, and even throughout the continent.

    Unlike other companies using telematics, we give you the ability to track multiple vehicles, perfectly integrated on one platform; if a trailer has to stay at a loading dock overnight, its location and inside temperature can be monitored, preventing major losses.


Optimize Your Operations with Connected Vehicle Technology

Connected Vehicles can help you customize a connected vehicle system and strategy that maximizes the technology, for improved performance throughout your operations.
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With the ability to track nearly everything, you can control and improve operations. Being able to monitor and oversee from a centralized command base, means you can ensure and enforce compliance with company policies and regulations. You can also improve compliance, safety and more with dashboard reports on driver status and real-time alerts, as well as automated workflows and reminders. Vehicle inspection reporting can be simplified and completed on mobile devices. Speed limits and speeding are tracked and alerted, allowing you to respond.
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With our fleet safety programs, you get advanced insight into your drivers’ on-road activities to help you alter behavior, take corrective action, and potentially prevent accidents before they happen.
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You can manage your entire fleet through the OnCommand Connection. Be more efficient with an integrated vehicle service monitoring system that connects fleets, dealers, Navistar’s Technical Service and OnCommand Repair Advocate. The OnCommand leverages the real-time vehicle information from the GO device for vehicle maintenance and repair issues, so you stay on the road. Reduce downtime and roadside breakdowns.
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First generation connected vehicle technology led to some concerns about the potential for hacking, tampering, and gathering sensitive data, as well as concerns about reliability, in the case of malfunctions.

Other systems available can provide an abundance of data, yet no way to use it effectively.


Recent breakthroughs in technology make connected vehicle systems and technology highly secure, reliable, safe, and easy. Streamlined fleet analytics are possible, with customizable, cost effective solutions. Connected Vehicles can customize systems for your business that are safe, secure, and simple to use, giving you unequalled control and visibility of your operations.

There's a lot of value in data analytics, and Geotab puts the key things fleet managers need into standard reports. Connected Vehicles can help customize additional reports for each unique business operations' needs. That way a company can get a better control on their costs.

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At Connected Vehicles, we are experts in fleets and tech solutions. We can develop a custom connected fleet and asset management system that is optimal for your business, which is easy and seamless to implement, driving the efficiencies and results you are looking for.
Connected Vehicles Customize Services and Solutions


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