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Connected Vehicles helps a wide range of businesses in a variety of industries. We find tailored solutions for those in the transportation industry, construction and trades, government and utilities, seasonal and landscape industries, waste and recycling, dealerships and more. Our solutions are flexible enough to help a greater variety of fleets with different vehicle and equipment types, allowing us to help golf courses, marine fleets, agricultural organizations, and others.

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Widest Range of Organizations
Because our solutions are so flexible, and tailored to each client’s needs, we are able to support a broader range of industries and businesses compared to other telematics and GPS trackers and systems. With devices that have compatibility with the most variety of powered and non-powered equipment, we can help more operations find efficiencies and reduce costs through actionable insights. We’re the ones who will find ways to get telematics to work for your unique business, because we know it can. Our experience in different industries help us guide you in yours. We help those in construction and trades, waste and recycling, landscaping, golf course management, marine fleet industries, agriculture, government and utilities, warehousing, and any business using fleets of equipment, vehicles and other assets.
Businesses Seeking Safety and Compliance Solutions
We have the most robust compliance telematics solutions, to help businesses with ELD, DVIR, HOS compliance that meet the requirements of both in Canada and the United States as well as your own internal safety and compliance programs. We let you benchmark to monitor success. We have tools to reduce fuel consumption and meet other sustainability goals, as well as tools to improve safety, through driver coaching, monitoring unsafe driving habits and ensuring vehicle safety inspections are completed, as well as the protection of workers in remote locations. We help organizations looking to go beyond simple GPS tracking to comprehensive compliance tools.
Organizations Seeking to Optimize
Any organization, large or small, with motorized and moveable assets can benefit from enhanced maintenance, reduced downtime and increased lifespans of equipment. Reductions of fuel usage and minimizing wasteful expenses increase your ROI. Streamlining and simplifying processes and reducing administrative time to increase efficiency and productivity, plus providing organizations with the biggest wealth of knowledge for more informed decision making, are just a few of the ways we help.
Widest Range of Assets
We develop solutions for all of your fleet asset needs. From heavy equipment, like backhoes and dump trucks, to industry-specific needs, like golf carts or boats, and even non-powered assets, like trailers, containers, generators and more, our solutions collect data from them all, integrating it seamlessly into one platform, so you can manage them all from your screen. Whether you use forklifts and power carts in a warehouse, transport temperature-controlled trailers, operate heavy snow plows in winter, or have any other equipment and vehicle-based operations, we can help you do it more efficiently and productively.


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