Dealership Fleet Management

Truck and Trailer Dealership

Streamline and manage your fleet more easily, with a customized fleet management solution for your dealership. Protect your fleet vehicles, and give your fleet manager tools to monitor, track, and have full control over your dealership fleet operations.

Vehicle Location Tracking

Whether you are an international or small local dealer, and whether you have a rental business or are a sales dealership with multiple locations, our fleet management solutions for dealerships can help you track and protect your fleet. With GPS tracking, your fleet manager can monitor usage; alerts and notifications prevent thefts or misuse. This can lead to reductions in your insurance premium cost. Fuel consumption can be monitored as well. Reduce the total cost of ownership of each vehicle and your entire fleet, while meeting your business needs.

Connected to Fleet Vehicles

Gain a robust fleet program system that gives your fleet manager the necessary tools to increase efficiency of your dealership operations. Each vehicle is a major company investment. Whether you are selling to buyers, or renting to clients, reduce the risks involved in test drives and rentals, wherever your vehicle goes. Get instant notifications in case of a collision or accident. Track driver behaviour for aggressive or dangerous driving, and collect vehicle data that can recreate an accident. Gain robust vehicle engine data to direct more proactive maintenance and ensure every vehicle will function properly when it goes out.
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Digital Key Security

New Revenue Streams

Flexible Service Experience

Digital key functionality can create a better customer experience while increasing security of your fleet assets and allowing you to open your operations to more locations more easily. With tools and actionable insights, you can increase efficiency; you can also increase productivity and explore new revenue streams with your increased fleet management functionality. Carsharing services and leasing models can be implemented more easily. Fleet managers can offer more flexibility in the rental or test drive experience, while still maintaining full control and visibility of valuable vehicle assets.

Our Connected Vehicles solutions are also compatible with the widest range of vehicles; we help dealerships and rental agencies for passenger cars and pickup trucks, heavy and transport trucks, busses, and heavy equipment. With comprehensive data collection on all aspects of your fleet, and superior reporting and trending which gives meaningful information, you can ensure you have the right blend of the right vehicles in your fleet to meet client demand. More active, timely fleet management is possible, with the ability to get the most data possible available on a single platform.

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Increase Customer Satisfaction with Easier Experiences

Your clients will enjoy the easier test drive experience, while digital keys streamline the test drive or rental experience, and allow for services to be offered in more locations. Offer test drives in malls and other public locations. Dealerships can offer loaner vehicles, without clients having to spend time in line, filling out forms and picking up keys. Manage pickups and drop offs in different locations more easily, while offering greater flexibility to your clients.

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Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Rentals

When a customer drives your rental vehicle away, you can now continue to monitor and protect your valuable asset. Your fleet manager can easily see exactly where vehicles are, and monitor key information like vehicle and engine health, speed, aggressive driver behaviours, and more. Alerts can advise immediately in case of a collision or accident, and forensic telematics can recreate the collision event. Detection of breakdowns, maintenance and repair needs help fleet managers plan proactive vehicle maintenance or prioritize repairs to limit downtime and reduce maintenance expenses.

Our solutions are compatible with the widest range of vehicles and equipment, to satisfy the needs of the widest variety of companies in the industry. Digital key solutions work with any vehicle that uses a key fob. Our customized fleet management solutions integrate seamlessly with leading-edge shared mobility software and hardware solutions to give you greater functionality. Increase security and control, with access to vehicles even if parked out of cellular coverage range, with an NFC tag or authorized cell phone. You can even set or limit vehicle and user access. Receive Harsh King Pin Alerts and prevent damage to the fifth wheel and rear axle bolts by monitoring how hard or fast a driver is coupling the trailer, thus saving your operations valuable time and money.

Car Dealerships

Make it easier for customers to test drive and try out your vehicles, to fully experience the highlights of your product. With digital key systems, comprehensive tracking, and other tools, you can let your customers rent or test drive your vehicles on their own, or for a longer period such as overnight, to really push for a deal without taking on excessive risk. Increase visibility to potential buyers, by making vehicles available in public areas for rental test drives, such as university and business parking lots, shopping malls, and other key locations.


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