Truck Leasing and Rental Fleet Management

Enhance your fleet management and optimize efficiencies for both on-lease and off-lease phases. Know your total cost of ownership and have access to superior, comprehensive cost analysis reports for informed business management.

Improved Customer Experience

When your trucks are leased, our telematics allow you to not only stay connected to your assets, but also add to the customer experience you provide. With complete visibility into the health of your vehicles, you gain real-time engine fault data and diagnostics, as well as information related to vehicle collisions or breakdowns, for easier fleet management and enhanced customer services. Guide customers on next steps, call emergency units, or offer a temporary replacement in case of accidents or collisions.

Returns used to rely on a visual inspection of the vehicle, with the potential for inaccurate or incomplete assessments. The process was complicated, inefficient, and slow, for poorer customer experiences, and the potential for customer disputes over errors. With complete and instant engine and vehicle diagnostics, this process is simplified and completely accurate, resulting in a fairer and faster experience. Our fleet management telematics solutions automate the return processes for you, reporting all critical data instantly, directly to your screen.

With complete awareness of where every vehicle in your fleet is, you can offer more flexible leasing fleet management services, such as allowing returns to alternate locations, with little impact to your operations, as it is easier than ever to coordinate and dispatch vehicles from anywhere, to anywhere, in moments, from a single screen.

You can offer your customers ready-in-place compliance and safety solutions, as well as provide a maintenance program service. To offer any of these enhanced customer services, you need to have complete and accurate visibility and control over your fleet, and have an accurate determination of your ROI; cutting edge telematics is necessary to make this work. Connected Vehicles fleet management solutions give you the tools to do it.

More Productive Off-Rental

Reduce your maintenance costs while still providing quality vehicles, whether you offer this as an add-on service to customers or between rentals. This is a major expense in the industry, but with real-time engine diagnostics based on engine fault codes, tire pressure, and other sources or alerts, maintenance can be predicted, prioritized, and even expedited. Understand the severity of issues to schedule maintenance and repairs accordingly, and have the information to communicate to those performing the repairs, to reduce the time required. Comprehensive data and predictive technology can guide on the likelihood of a failure, so issues can be dealt with before a breakdown.

Reduce the time a vehicle is not leased. Streamline maintenance, cleaning, fueling and transportation to get vehicles available again sooner. Our solutions ensure optimal routes and no unauthorized usage, saving time, fuel and keeping wear and tear to the minimum, as well as keeping everything on schedule.

Ensure safe driving when your valuable assets are not in your company control. Driver behaviours, including speeding, idling, harsh braking or accelerating can be tracked. You can receive immediate notifications, to take appropriate action in a timely fashion, to reduce risks of damages, fines, or injuries. It also helps reduce insurance premiums and maintenance expenses.

Truck Leasing and Rental

Benefits of Better Fleet Management


Vehicle and engine data reporting enables cost-effective, predictive and prioritized maintenance.


Better visibility of all vehicles from a single screen enables better utilization of inventory.


Know where vehicles are in case of theft, collision, reckless driving, and other events.


Simplify returns with key solutions, real-time vehicle data, and fairer fuel and damage assessments.


Residual values of better-maintained and managed trucks are higher.

Gain Competitive Advantages and Enhanced Decision-Making Abilities

Our solutions allow you to provide more creative options to customers. With better data, you can be more confident in creating a custom plan to attract a customer. Whether you are offering semis, box trucks, vans or trailers, cars, or even pieces of equipment for rent, Connected Vehicles has solutions that are compatible with the widest range of equipment and vehicles, to give you the best and most data to make these decisions and create custom plans. You need to know the exact costs of operating and maintaining each vehicle. We provide you the tools to do that.

Accurately predict ROIs and operating and repair costs, with our solutions that pull data directly and automatically from the vehicle, to be available for you to view immediately on a report screen.

To offer more comprehensive or full-service leasing options, you need to know all costs and maintenance needs exactly. With vehicle fault codes and diagnostics, ensure maintenance is done according to leasing contracts, and optimize residual values of vehicles for sale after leasing.

Offer roadside assistance with GPS tracking and replacement vehicles, with maximized asset and vehicle utilization. Preferred options to substitute vehicles, and other competitive features can be offered with enhanced fleet management and fleet services tools.

Gain an additional revenue stream by charging the customer for the service and we'll act as the virtual manager.

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