EV Fleet Management

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity, and many companies are switching their fleet to an EV fleet. EV fleets lower maintenance costs, fuel costs, energy consumption, and carbon emissions. However, to be successful, effective EV fleet management is needed.

Support EV Fleet Operators and Vehicles, Wherever They Are

Our solutions let you monitor electric vehicle and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle performance. For successful EV fleet management, a solution that effectively addresses electric vehicle-specific needs of charging and regular maintenance is critical. We offer solutions for tracking of electric vehicles' speed, location, and battery charge, along with EV charging stations locations, with functionality to enable route planning for EV charging. Unlike many solutions that focus on traditional vehicles only, our solutions use advanced technology capable of reporting on needed charging data and EV analytics, as well as traditional vehicles all on the same platform.

Eliminate EV Range Anxiety with Route Planning Around EV Charging Stations

Our fleet management solutions and technology, with real time, accurate EV data, address any concerns about vehicle range limitations and being able to reach charging infrastructure, giving EV fleet drivers confidence along the way.

Electric Vehicle and Charging Infrastructure Diagnostics for EV and Station Health 

Our solutions integrate different EV charging methods and let fleet managers set an optimal charging schedule for your range of EV fleet vehicles. Fleet maintenance processes are optimizable, too. Smart EV charging solutions allow you to assess electricity consumption and charging time.
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Guide to Transitioning to an Electric Vehicle Fleet

Moving towards an EV fleet, and initiating an electric vehicle fleet management process, with effective solutions for the challenges that electric vehicle fleets face, does not have to be difficult. Fleet electrification will reduce costs if implemented properly. Fleet management software and solutions that make it easier for fleet managers to have the information they need to manage fleet activity, and can even help determine when would be the ideal time to make the switch to an electric vehicle fleet.
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Complete Electric Vehicle Fleet Management Solution

EV performance reporting is critical for effective fleet management, to see the health and performance of vehicles, manage route planning around EV chargers, assess smart charging, and more. Our fleet management and EV charging software solutions provide immediate, clear reporting on range, charging data, battery levels and health, and other critical data.

Integrate All Types of Electric Vehicles

Unlike conventional vehicles, EVs don't use telematics data standards. Geotab supports the widest range of EV vehicles, from small equipment to large buses, with no data gaps.

Robust Reporting for Fleet Managers

See reporting on both fuel and EV energy usage, and gain insights into range and performance of EVs as well as fuel vehicles, in addition to optimal battery use, charging behavior, and more.

EV Charge Assurance Reporting

Full charging histories and custom notifications advise when and where vehicles charge, time at specific charging stations, and charge levels. Gain complete visibility of charging status data.

EV Fleet Management Software Tools for Fleet Operators and Managers

Give your fleet manager and fleet operators the necessary tools to make your fleet electrification work, with electric vehicle (EV) fleet management systems and hardware that is easy to implement and integrates seamlessly with all equipment and vehicles. Our electric fleet management solutions allow reporting and integration of the widest range of electric vehicles (EVs), as well as internal combustion engine (ICE) based vehicles, to help you manage your complex fleet needs. You can even know when a hybrid vehicle switches to running on fuel.

Receive unparalleled information on batteries and charging. Track and monitor charging status, battery capacity, vehicle charging session data, and charging behavior of drivers, to gain all the insight you need to optimize your fleet vehicles. Know which vehicles have the most or least charge, so you can know which vehicle to use if an unexpected trip is required. Automated rules and custom notifications simplify and streamline processes and management. These include receiving notifications when EV batteries need charging. You can set charge and no-charge times, with automatic notifications to remind fleet operators to plug in, and receive notifications on what vehicles are being charged. With real-time data on all these critical aspects of an EV fleet, you can be in full control of your entire fleet.

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