Connected Vehicles' fleet management solutions can help you optimize your fleet. Improve efficiency and productivity with customizable solutions that are scalable and flexible. Minimize expenses and losses.

Superior Reporting

With superior reporting and information-gathering, make more informed decisions - identify gaps, areas of opportunity, operational trends, and more. Have full control and oversight of your fleet and assets at your fingertips, from wherever. A single platform gives you access to all information, with easy to view reports. Key metrics and benchmark progress can be viewed in real time. From driver scorecards, idling time, activity summaries, to other critical reports which can be customized for your needs, you will have all the information necessary for action.


For legislative compliance solutions for both Canada and the US, our Hours of Service (HOS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) and Electronic Logging Devices have you covered.

Flexibility and Scalability

Choose a solution that gives you the competitive advantage you need to grow, that is flexible enough for your industry and unique business. Choose one that will also grow with you, for expanded fleets and new functionality needs.

Optimization and Efficiency

Optimized routing, enhanced maintenance, driver management, and electronic workflows, forms, alerts and notifications streamline and improve your business.

Video Telematics and Asset Tracking

Surfsight video telematics and asset trackers such as BeWhere and Phillips Connect give you insight into driver behaviours as well as where all assets are at any one time, not just limited to the vehicle itself.


Immediate, actionable information on driving behaviour and safety scorecards with trends, plus anti-collision detection and other safety solutions enhance your safety program.

Vehicle and Asset Optimization

Our solutions work with the widest range of vehicle and equipment types, for a single fleet solution and system. Increase asset utilization, lifespan, and ROI.

Fuel Usage and Fuel Cards

Manage routes, speed, idling, fuel cards use and more to minimize fuel consumption and costs, with customizable summaries and reports

GPS Tracking

Accurate, real-time tracking, plus trip histories give you the most visibility of your fleet.


Have customized maps and zones for your business, to define lots, worksites, and more.

Fault Codes and Maintenance

Diagnostic fault codes and data prioritizes vehicles in need of maintenance and expedite repairs. Reduce maintenance costs with tools to predict and prioritize. Get alerts for potential critical engine health issues for early response. Maintenance schedules and reminders ensure work is done.

Customized Functionality

We can customize rules, reports and solutions to match your needs. You can specify limits for idling, late arrivals and much more.

Informed Decision-Making

Collect a wealth of data from vehicles, engine fault codes, third party sources, and more, with information presented in clear reports and trends for actionable insights.

Solutions For Your Business

Whatever your fleet’s unique needs are, Connected Vehicles has the solutions you require, with the flexibility and scalability to allow you to add-on or remove as required. The ability to monitor your fleet from one place lets you save valuable time and manpower doing what your industry does best, and enabling you to grow, with the added assurance that your management solutions will grow alongside you.
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