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Enjoy a competitive advantage with Connected Vehicles' advanced construction telematics and construction fleet management software solutions. We can help you with comprehensive fleet management system solutions to improve productivity and efficiency, and simplify the complexities of managing fleets in the construction industry.

Construction Fleet Management Software Integrates Data Seamlessly for Unequalled Oversight

Improve construction fleet management systems with the most robust, actionable information possible. We offer the best user platform, which takes this wealth of data from multiple sources and integrates it perfectly. High quality reports and summaries, automated notifications and alerts, streamlined workflows, and more, are generated instantly based on real time data. Enhance overall operational efficiency and improve productivity with valuable insights and tools.
  • Gain comprehensive, powerful data collection. Track valuable information and data, including vehicle usage, speed and location, fuel usage and idling, engine diagnostics and vehicle health for the most information possible on your construction vehicles and other equipment in your construction fleets. Software takes the raw data to make it actionable.
  • Enjoy complete visibility of operations, assets, and operating costs, for actionable information. You can view and manage all fleet data from any device, with the information integrated into a single platform with clear, meaningful custom reports and summaries. Timely actions can be taken with just a click.

Tools for Construction Fleet Management Beyond Fleet Tracking

Gain more powerful tools and systems than simple GPS tracking. Construction fleet managers can now have complete insight in and control over unique construction fleet operations, even with the industry challenges of complex work, multiple and remote job sites, as well as varied vehicles powered and non-powered, assets and heavy equipment.

With real-time access to better information and tools, fleet managers can make better decisions and optimize all aspects of operations. Optimize fleet maintenance and maximize uptime, with tools to improve preventative maintenance scheduling and predictive maintenance based on vehicle data and diagnostics. Asset tracking helps reduce risks of theft, misuse, and increase security. With full fleet visibility, fleet managers know vehicle and equipment location and status with a glance, so asset utilization can be enhanced. Streamlined workflows help with inspections processes and other operational tasks, while automated alerts and notifications minimize administration needs. Compliance and safety solutions help ensure these aspects are being fully followed.

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Two large tractor-trailer for fleet management construction parked in a field

Benefits to Construction Fleets

Enhance Vehicle Maintenance

Improve Safety

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Optimize Business Operations

Reduce Operating Costs

Increase Productivity

Enjoy the benefits of construction fleet management software solutions that we at Connected Vehicles can tailor to your needs. We can help you develop custom reports and summaries to highlight areas to improve efficiencies and potential areas of concern.

With the best possible visibility of all aspects of your fleet, actions to increase profits and optimize operations can be taken. You have the advantage of real time insight for informed decisions to optimize operations and reduce costs.

Better maintenance extends the lifespan of construction equipment and vehicles and reduces fuel usage. Prioritizing maintenance per fault code data and engine hours lets you increase asset use.

Preventative maintenance schedules, inspections, work orders and other forms, documentation, and tasks can be done electronically, to facilitate these processes and ensure immediate communication of information and results. Automated alerts and notifications reduce administration while ensuring key tasks, like compliance and safety activities, are completed.


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