Fleet Compliance Solution

Fleet Compliance regulations may apply, even if your business is not a standard trucking company. It is crucial to be aware of all regulations and standards that apply to your business - and follow them. Connected Vehicles can help simplify the process and ensure compliance.

Comprehensive Compliance Tools for a Complete Range of Regulations

Ensure Your Business Is Compliant With Critical Regulations

Maintain compliance with key regulations with ease. Connected Vehicles provides solutions that support compliance intuitively, giving you the tools you need to keep your entire fleet of commercial motor vehicles compliant. Our systems ensure compliance with:
  • Driver Hours of Service (HOS)
  • Canada: Transport Canada
  • Canadian Federal Regulations
  • Electronic Logging Device (ELD)
  • California and USA Property/Passenger
  • Select USA Intrastate Regulations
  • Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)
  • Canada: 7-Day Cycle 1 and 14-Day Cycle 2
  • USA Federal Interstate Regulations (§395)
Geotab's solutions help you achieve and maintain DOT and Transport Canada compliance, and are ELD compliant. Geotab's ELDs are self-certified and FMCSA registered in the USA, as well as has been third-party certified, giving it Transport Canada’s stamp of approval for use in Canada. Ensure HOS, Driver DVIR, driver identification, and other requirements are all met. Avoid violations with dashboard reports and real-time alerts. Step-by-step workflows and pop-up reminders simplify processes and save time for your fleet manager and drivers. Drivers can even complete pre and post trip driver vehicle inspection reports right from a mobile device, while tracking solutions identify driver training and education needs.
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Simple, Easy Solutions for Your Biggest Compliance Needs

Simple fleet compliance means completely meeting the regulations you need to, easily and with confidence, but without complicated procedures, duplicated work, and other hassles. Connected Vehicles seamlessly integrates compliance tools to help you ensure HOS compliance, IFTA compliance, and other regulations compliance. The centralized monitoring and control that is possible with our fleet management software compliance solutions makes fleet managers' jobs easier.

Hours of Service (HOS)

Drivers can easily log hours of service from mobile devices with Geotab. Geotab makes HOS and tachograph regulations compliance easy, with driver identification, real-time tacho status, remote download and analysis. Automatic remote downloading information is updated in real-time, with no need for the truck or driver to be present.

International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

Don't waste time on manual administration and tracking miles driven; simplify the process and increase accuracy with easy International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting, streamlining the process with telematics. Miles are automatically tracked and viewable by state or province for each vehicle, with accurate entry and exit odometer readings.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR)

Simplify driver vehicle inspection reporting before and after trips, and ensure the inspections effectively assess the essential requirements for safe and effective vehicle operation. Our fleet compliance systems help you ensure all commercial vehicles are inspected. Fleet operators and fleet managers are able to select defects, and make comments. Repairs can be certified, and previous inspections reviewed.

Following the FMCSA Regulations on Electronic Logging Devices

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires the use of ELDs, and starting January 2023, Canada will follow suit. It is aimed at improving road safety and protecting commercial drivers, by strengthening compliance with regulations. It applies to commercial vehicles, including commercial trucks and buses. Geotab's ELDs are compliant, convenient and tie into our systems that enable a central repository of information you can access anywhere. Not only do they meet FMCSA requirements, they provide superior capabilities for enhanced fleet management.

Ensure Highest Safety and Maintain Fleet Compliance With Connected Vehicles

Being compliant with several regulations is challenging. Maintaining documentation, despite having a mobile, widespread workforce, is difficult. Organized records are essential to avoid violating safety regulations. Improve fleet compliance with solutions designed to make the process easier and set up to ensure documentation is compliant. Our fleet management software will collect fleet data for easy, real time review, so you can stay on top of your fleet compliance. It enhances workplace and public safety measures, and complies with data protection regulations.

Our solutions also support your fleet operations by streamlining, supporting your employees by minimizing paperwork and administration time, improving accuracy, and improving productivity. Connected Vehicles will work with you, to set up a custom fleet compliance solution for managing all of your fleet operations seamlessly and easily, while ensuring fleet safety compliance, and beyond. As you explore the tool you can find new ways to optimize your business; we'll show you how to take the compliance tools you're already paying for, and uncover new ways to optimize your operations.

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Fleet Compliance Options

for Electronic Logging Devices

ELD compliance is required starting January 2023. The top 7 Considerations for ELD Vendors Checklist will help you determine the best option for your fleet management. Ensure you are ready and compliant.


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