Canada Eld Mandate

Ensure your fleet compliance with the new Canadian ELD regulations that are in effect. The Canadian Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, sometimes called the electronic logbook law requires all qualifying commercial motor vehicle drivers to use a certified ELD to record driving and vehicle activity. Are you compliant?

ELD Mandate Compliance Made Easy With Geotab

Connected Vehicles offers solutions using Geotab technology; Geotab devices have third-party certification, as required by the Canadian ELD Mandate. Geotab is the industry-leading solution for electronic logging, meeting the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators’ Technical Standard for Electronic Logging Devices; they are committed to continually working towards meeting and exceeding Canadian ELD regulations.
  • Geotab technology easily lets your commercial motor vehicle drivers follow the electronic logging device mandate to record driver and vehicle activity. The logging process is simple, fast, and fully compliant.
  • Transfer of logs, like Hours of service (HOS) and records of duty status (RODS), are easy, convenient and instant, for required reporting at roadside or way scale inspections. Your drivers will appreciate the quick and hassle-free process - a huge improvement to paper logbooks, which are cumbersome and archaic.
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Compatibility and Similarities/ Differences With US ELD Rules

If you do business in the US, you are familiar with the ideas of ELD devices and finding the right ELD solution. The Canadian ELD mandate rules are similar in many ways to USE electronic logging regulations. Both Canadian ELD regulations and US regulations require an ELD device to synchronize with the engine, provide GPS tracking, automatically capture driving time, and have an on-screen display for inspectors. An ELD needs a system to verify logs and agree to edits.

A critical difference between the Transport Canada ELD mandate and US rules is that ELDs must be third-party certified, not self-certified. GeoTab's devices have third-party certification, so are compliant in both Canada and the US; Connected Vehicles provides you with solutions that can cross the border. Drivers of commercial motor vehicles in Canada must transfer logs electronically to officers, unlike the US eRODS.

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Enhanced Fleet Management, as well as Fleet Compliance

With electronic logging devices, simplify your fleet processes for driver vehicle inspections and checks, vehicle diagnostics, and fleet maintenance. Roadside inspections can be a breeze with all key information automatically logged. Workflows for inspections, maintenance, and other processes are streamlined, too. Rules for real-time alerts of defects or missed inspections, attach pictures and comments, and automatically notify key personnel.
Automated and easier log management increases safety as well as compliance. Keep accurate logs with no hassle. Logging reminders for drivers and HOS alerts make fleet management easier. Real-time availability is tracked for accuracy. You can also track and annotate unassigned logs in bulk.
Canadian Hours of Service (HOS) is completely visible for management and easy reporting for Transport Canada regulations. We help you tailor an HOS and trip inspection ELD solution for reduced driver fatigue and better safety in general. Dashboard reports on driver logs show detailed reports, including remaining hours, HOS status at login, and availability summaries.

Advantages of Geotab Technology 
ELD Benefits

Canadian Council Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA)

Feel confident in compliance. Make administration and enforcement checks efficient and integrate US regulations as well as the Canadian ELD mandate and other requirements.

Road Safety

With real time identification of poor driving behaviors, like distracted or aggressive driving, ELDs help prevent accidents for improved road safety. This also helps reduce insurance rates and reduce liabilities.

Simplified Driver Logs

Reduce time, money, and effort on administrative work, with no manual recording of HOS and other logs.

Increase Efficiency

Reduce fuel consumption, and optimize route planning with location tracking and routing technology.

Driver Fatigue

Driving behaviours symptomatic of driver fatigue are monitored, plus hours of service rules tracking ensure alert, safe drivers.

Do More Than Just Comply With the Canadian ELD Mandate

Choose certified ELDs and fleet management solutions that do far more than simply make you compliant. Manage your fleet completely on one system, with Geotab's superior tracking functionality, with vehicle trackers, dash cams, plus trailer and other asset tracking. Improve fleet efficiency and productivity, enhance safety, and more.
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