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Connected Vehicles started in the commercial transportation industry in 1977, with the Altruck family of companies, and has grown and evolved since then. We have developed into providing telematics and fleet management software solutions, after having had so much success with it in our own commercial transportation operations.

Leading Experts in Telematics and Fleet Management, Eager to Share Our Expertise

From our beginnings in commercial transportation, we have grown and developed, and wanted to share the benefits of our learnings with as many other organizations as possible. We experienced great success with customized telematics and fleet management software solutions, and became experts in these areas. We now share our knowledge to benefit a wide range of industries.

Experts in Software Solutions

We are leaders in fleet management software, providing customized solutions to our clients, using our skills and expertise in these areas.

Productivity and Systems Experts

At Connected Vehicles, we use our experience to benefit you, guiding you on ways to leverage software and telematics to increase fleet productivity and streamline systems.

Connectivity and Telematics Experts
We can help you gain unparalleled connectivity with your vehicles, assets, drivers and third party add-ons, to gain a wealth of information from varied sources.
Experts in Enhancing Communication

Companies rely on fast, effective communication for employees at all levels to work effectively. We help by setting up automated alerts, notifications, and reporting, so everyone is informed, in real time.

Connected Vehicles is proud to be an authorized Geotab reseller. Geotab provides leading-edge, end-to-end telematics technology solutions. Geotab’s intuitive solutions allow fleet managers to gain accurate and actionable intelligence from real-time and historical trips data on vehicles and drivers. They provide world leading technology to help improve productivity and efficiency, while enhancing driver safety and legislative compliance.

Geotab solutions offer seamless access to your fleet data, with comprehensive data integration and an unparalleled fleet analytics platform. Geotab devices extract valuable information on vehicle health and status, location and driving patterns through revolutionary plug and play functionality.

As Geotab resellers, we customize systems and solutions for your specific industry and business needs, so you can fully leverage the powerful options that Geotab provides. We also provide ongoing support and guidance, to help you fully optimize your fleet.

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Helping Clients Achieve Key Performance Indicator Goals

Maintaining Ideal Parts Availability

With complete insight into fleet inventory, plus more predictive maintenance capabilities, you can more easily achieve the ideal amount of parts available in stock.

Ideal Productivity Score

We can help you balance your fleet maintenance team size against the maintenance and repair needs of vehicles and equipment to achieve ideal productivity.

Cost Control and Budget Adherence

With superior tracking and reporting, perfectly integrated into a single platform for reports, gain better control over spending and budgeting.

Target Active Fleet Use Rate

Achieve an optimal active operation rate with real time reporting that lets you check vehicle status, so you can respond and act instantly to eliminate downtime.

Committed to Providing Customers with a Competitive Edge and Cost-Effectiveness

At Connected Vehicles, we put our customers first, so we work hard to provide solutions that will give them a competitive edge in every aspect of their fleet management. With advanced telematics and our creative problem solving, we can improve your successes in productivity, efficiency and cost savings.

Helping Clients Improve Speed and Efficiency of Delivery with Route Optimization and Other Tools

Driver tracking, asset tracking and management, enhanced route optimization and dispatching, and fleet management reports are some of the route tools we can provide, to allow you to make timely, data-driven decisions and actions.

Aiding Clients to Increase Productivity With a Range of Fleet Management Tools

Optimizing your fleet productivity begins with measuring output accurately, benchmarking against meaningful targets, and determining your fleet productivity score. We help you gain the accurate data and benchmarking tools you need to identify ways to increase productivity.

Helping Clients With More Diverse Assets for Complete Management

Our solutions are compatible with a wider range of assets, including heavy equipment, trailers, and more. Safety inspections, maintenance records, and other tasks and documentation for all assets are streamlined and integrated within the one platform.

Providing Clients with Unequalled Vehicle Health and Status Data

We set you up with customized systems to collect complete engine health and vehicle status data, as well as other third party data, which integrates into a single platform to guide and drive maintenance and related planning, and facilitates repairs by reporting engine fault codes.

Our Committed, Expert Team Is What Makes Us Different

Our ability to customize and tailor perfect solutions is based on our people. Our team is committed and dedicated to providing the highest level of service to each and every one of our customers. We work with integrity and professionalism, proud to be expert leaders in the area, and proud to use our expertise to truly help others.
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Who We Are and How We Help

At Connected Vehicles, we pride ourselves on being customer service-driven, and take satisfaction in helping other businesses achieve their goals. We are also proud of our creative problem solving, serving our clients with better-customized fleet management systems, whatever industry they are in, and however their organization is modelled. We help you move to smart, data-driven fleet management, so you can take advantage of every opportunity and identify every deficiency in order to improve.

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We know you need good, accurate and timely data that is also helpful and meaningful. You also need this data to be organized into clear reports, and measured and trended, to convert it to usable information. We help set you up to have actionable insights and information, to make sound business decisions. Using telematics technology and our expert knowledge of fleet management principles and best practices, we provide you with intelligent solutions that give you the tools to easily succeed. What’s more, we give you the benefit of actionable information, analytics and full visibility of fleet operations, all available through one platform. You can even access reports from your mobile device.

We support our clients throughout, from considering telematics and fleet management solutions to implementing and setting up customizations, and afterwards, for education, support, and help with scaling or adding on functionality as you grow.

Our Values and Beliefs

We are proud to enable our clients in several industries to grow with innovative technology solutions. We have helped clients in transportation, utilities, government, construction, landscaping, golf, fishing and marine, and many other industries. We enjoy the challenge and opportunity of helping each one achieve its full potential. Their successes are ours. Our customers are our priority, and we value our partnership with each one. We work closely with you to ensure the best customization of solutions so your fleets are more productive, efficient, cost-effective, and compliant.

We also believe in sustainability and improving safety. We appreciate the opportunity to help our clients in their drive towards improved safety and sustainability, as well, while pursuing business goals. We are committed to helping our customers reduce emissions, get more out of their fleet to maximize efficiency, reduce waste from premature vehicle lifecycle ends, and eliminate collisions and accidents. We believe that together, we can make a difference.

CUSTOMER: Nothing less than ecstatic customers.
COMMUNICATION: Listen to understand. We'll provide timely transparent feedback.
RESPECT: Take care of each other and the company.
SMILE: Smile and have fun along the journey.
TENACITY: Never ever give up.

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