Waste Management Fleet

Flexibility and Functionality for Waste Management Fleets

Gain powerful data and meaningful insights into all components of your fleet, with superior waste management fleet tracking. Benefit from instant reports available on any device. Learn from historical records and trends to improve operations. Our advanced telematics solutions help you reduce expenses and improve productivity and safety when you take the knowledge gained from the data and put it to use, allowing decisions to be made, and track all assets in different locations from one integrated system.

Waste Management Fleet Tracking
for Efficient Waste Collection

Dynamic routing and simplified dispatch tools allow for quick response to issues with the click of a button. Optimized routing saves fuel and time. Active management of drivers and their driving behaviors is now possible to ensure safety and avoid customer disputes. Asset utilization is improved, with knowing where they all are, if needed.
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Waste Management Trucks

We help fleet managers view and control all aspects of a waste management fleet, from maintenance of waste management vehicles, to routing, and more


Manage your entire fleet, including recycling equipment, with solutions that are flexible enough to include all assets

Route Optimization Tools

Enhance your operational efficiency, with optimized routes, dynamic routing tools, and faster, better dispatching. Waste management fleet tracking lets you ensure a route is being followed, allowing you to track collection progress as it happens, as well as view historical information. You can also manage fuel usage and idling trends. With geofencing, you can set boundaries and limitations for movement within yards, and set other rules. You can even monitor large waste and recycling containers.

In addition, rebates for the Power Take Off, PTO, program will be available should you incorporate this into your fleet. This involves a mechanical gearbox to be connected to the transmission, allowing power from the engine of the vehicle to then power an auxiliary component when the vehicle is on.

Connected Waste Fleet Management

Get immediate reporting and customizable alerts and notifications on all aspects of your waste management fleet. Our solutions track the most data from vehicles and other sources to give you the most comprehensive view of all operations. You can view meaningful, clear information from a single screen on one truck, several trucks, or the entire fleet. You are provided with clear, actionable insights to make improvement to productivity. Our solutions also let you more efficiently manage your fleet, with simplified workflows, automated features, and more.

Optimize Waste Management

Lower Fuel Costs

Maximize Efficiency

Improve Performance

Ensure Safety

Reduce Costs of Operation

Streamline and Simplify

We can customize solutions to help you improve your safety program, with driver scorecards, real-time alerts, forms, and more. AI cameras can detect and alert drivers of hazards. Ensure compliance with safety activities like safety inspections, with electronic driver vehicle inspection forms and workflows, and with active monitoring. Safety with a waste management truck fleet is essential; automated alerts and driver coaching for poor driving behaviors can be set up for instant action. Be notified immediately of a collision or other incident, for timely response. Waste management GPS tracking also enables you to prevent theft or unauthorized usage, for safety and liability protection, as well as protecting you from loss.

Benefit from more reliable vehicles, with enhanced maintenance. With superior asset tracking options, vehicle and engine health is monitored. Tire pressure, load weight, hopper and packer blade activity, and other key data points can be tracked and reported on in real time. Predictive maintenance and prioritized maintenance is possible, to let you reduce downtime, improve fuel efficiency and get more out of your valuable assets.

With superior reporting functionality that pulls more data from more sources than other products, you have actionable information to make improvements to your operations.

Unique Needs of Waste Management Fleets

Our solutions have all the tools you need to effectively and efficiently manage your fleet, no matter how many vehicles you have, or what type. You will be able to incorporate any type of vehicle, including electric ones, and we can help support you through your electrification project. From roll-off containers, traditional trucks, large containers, and more, we have you covered, so you can monitor and track them all, with advanced sensors, for accurate, more robust data. Our systems are fast and easy to implement, and fully scalable, so you can add vehicles or new functionality as you need to.

We understand the unique needs of a waste management fleet, and can work with you to tailor a system to meet those needs. From setting up activity alerts and notifications, customizing reports, creating maintenance solutions, geofencing, to any other solution you require, we can help. You can integrate your systems with third party sources for even more functionality and control, including fuel card systems.

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Satisfy Your Customers

Technology for Customer Service

Maintain cost-effective operations that meet your publicly-funded budget, and meet the needs of your customers. Our solutions keep your waste management fleet running smoothly, with less downtime, so you can meet your waste collection schedule faster, more reliably, and with reduced fuel consumption. Activity alerts and tracking lets you ensure routes are being completed as planned, as they progress, and allow you to immediately respond to thefts or vehicle misuses, for safety and liability concerns that reflect on your fleet.

Proof of service add-ons and other tools are possible, to ensure service is completed and to answer questions by your customers. With reports and information being available in real time, you are able to respond to any customers about concerns immediately, with concrete information.


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