Government and Utilities Fleet Management

Utility company and municipal government fleets are exceptionally complex to manage. The wide range of vehicles, equipment, and assets spread out across several departments and locations make fleet management in the public sector a significant challenge. Connected Vehicles makes managing fleets easier, and help you lower costs of ownership.

Gain Complete Oversight of Multiple Departments and Divisions

Public sector fleet management solutions support all public works and government vehicles, including those in emergency services, utilities, waste management, hospitals and other public sector vehicle fleets. We help you manage any fleet size. Improve safety, sustainability and efficiency, whatever your government fleet vehicles are.

Give your fleet managers the power of Geotab, for the ability to accurately collect and analyze crucial fleet data with ease. With advanced telematics solutions, tailored to government needs, you have access to the most information possible, for full transparency of operations. Clear reporting allows managers to oversee more effectively, and enables easier reporting to higher management. This transparency of operations is critical for reporting to the public as required in the public sector.


Complex Heavy Equipment, Roads and Transportation Equipment

For the incredibly complex fleet management necessary for public bodies, a flexible fleet management solution that works effectively in different departments is needed.

We offer vehicle options that have this flexibility, and are simple to implement and cost effective. Connected Vehicles' custom fleet management solutions handle all vehicle needs, including snow removal, waste management, public transit, parks and landscaping, and other service divisions.

Providing the Transparency and Control Needed for Public Sector

Work more effectively, with efficient delivery of services. Reduce wasted costs due to inefficient practices, such as poor communication, redundant or time consuming administration, impractical routes, fuel waste, and more. With more accurate, meaningful data and automated, real time reporting, management can finally see actionable information needed, in a timely manner.

Flexible for Multiple Operations

Manage equipment in all divisions, under one system, for unparalleled reporting. Vehicle location, health, unauthorized use, and more can all be tracked. Reduce maintenance costs with preventive maintenance features. Advanced anti-collision features are an advantage for all department fleets, as well.

More Actionable Information

With the robust information on all vehicles, equipment, and assets, fleet management is simplified. Better decisions can be made on fleet maintenance, optimizing routes and fuel usage, programs to reduce idling, safety measures and more, with access to reliable, accurate information.

Clear Reporting and Trending on One Platform

Get information clearly provided, even from a mobile device. The depth and breadth of data collected from all aspects of your public sector organization is combined, and used to provide customizable reports and information to satisfy management at all levels, as well as any public reporting needed.

Solution Benefits for Public Sector and Government Fleets

Our custom solutions offer many advantages. Reduce your administrative costs with simplified contracts, automated workflows and electronic inspections and other documentation.

Instant communication and filing of documentation is possible, for timely actions and no lost paperwork. Features and custom reporting help you streamline regulatory compliance activities. Data security is highly protected.

Ensure safety, with advanced safety features for improved public and employee safety, including collision prevention and more. With better preventive maintenance and tracking of driver behaviour like idling, we help you meet sustainability targets, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. With better asset control and more informed decision making, we can also help you meet your electric vehicles targets.



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