Geotab's fleet management software offers complete and connected fleet management solutions that help you increase productivity, enhance fleet safety, encourage and ensure legislative compliance, optimize your fleet management, and improve fuel usage and sustainability.

Offering Unparalleled Real-Time Data Tracking and Information for Control

View the location of any vehicle or asset with the Geotab fleet tracker software and trackers. You can get complete trip histories to analyze, all easily viewable and understandable on dashboard presentations and useful analytical reports. Fleet optimization is simplified, so it is easier to maximize your results. With improved fuel usage support and other related features, you can increase efficiency and support environmental sustainability.

The implications for safety and loss management improvements are significant. You can even monitor driving behaviors, including hard accelerating, braking, and cornering, and enable driver coaching to correct such driver behavior. Geotab also features collision reconstruction and prevention tools, including email and desktop alerts for immediate notifications of potential damages, injuries, or other losses. Reduce costs with industry benchmarking; you can compare your fleet against 1.3 million other users, owners, and fleet managers to find new ways to optimize operations.

Track and Monitor Your Fleet to Ensure Speed, Timeliness, and Efficiency
Get the data and analytics you need on vehicle location, ignition, trip distance and time, engine idling, speed, vehicle usage and more, even when parked underground. Geotab’s GPS vehicle tracking is second to none.
Ensure Client Satisfaction
With dashboard analytics, accurate data gathering, superior reports, enhanced and simplified driver reports, and more, you are given everything you need to optimize fleet performance.

Hardware Add-Ons for Enhanced Fleet Optimization and Safety

Several hardware optional add-ons are available to enhance your fleet optimization and driver safety.
  • Tablets to discourage use of personal phones
  • External and internal high resolution camera systems
  • In-vehicle coaching
  • Asset trackers

Connected Vehicle Technology for Real Time Information

Manage all of your vehicles and assets from one platform with a fleet management and tracking software system. MyGeotab is a web-based fleet management software that lets you see all your vehicle and driver information in one platform for faster, more informed decision making.
  • Scalable software to grow with you
  • Fleet management is simplified yet robust
  • Choice of feature packages: Base, Regulatory, Pro, and ProPlus
  • Maximize the robust data capabilities with centralized reporting and control

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting and Other Fleet Support

Support your drivers and fleet with convenient tools. In addition to all of the vehicle health assessments available for conventional vehicles, MyGeotab can provide valuable data on electric vehicles, including charge levels, and charging locations and durations, as well as battery and engine health. Fleet managers have the information they need for vehicle maintenance and optimization. Other tools help drivers with driver logs and driver vehicle inspection reporting needs.
Trip Distance and Planning
Geotab's data-driven telematics can help you optimize the efficiency of your fleet, and aid in trip planning.
Vehicle health assessments
Access information on vehicle health and status, wherever you are. Track vehicle identification number, odometer readings, engine faults, and other key information. You can prioritize vehicle maintenance and audit vehicle use.
Trusted, Safe, Secure
Geotab tracking uses high security protocols for vehicle tracking devices and networks. A unique driver ID and non-static security key confirms driver identification.

Vehicle Tracking Device for Full Fleet Management Solutions

Collect reliable, robust data on all vehicles and assets, for superior asset tracking. Location, speed, trip length and distance, and engine idling can be tracked. Its Global Navigation Satellite System module (GNSS) offers fast latch times and increasingly accurate location data. The Geotab GPS tracker is a vehicle tracking device which plugs into a port with no antennas or wire-splicing needed. They are quick and easy to install.
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Benefit from Centralized Data and Information for Business Decisions

Get all of the information you need to make informed business decisions, all in one place, and accessible from one platform. See everything that is happening in your operations, for full control. Gain the advantage of powerful and accurate data gathering and diagnostics, plus automated solutions that take advantage of this information. From collecting and organizing engine diagnostics and real-time vehicle data, to providing invaluable tools like accident detection and notifications and built-in auto-calibrating accelerometers, Geotab tracker products and system solutions give you a competitive advantage.

Vehicles send data from a wide range of sources. Useful information about the engine, instrument cluster and many other subsystems can be gathered and used. Utilizing multiple internal networks, Geotab provides you all of this data and information in one, centralized, format.

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