Logistics Fleet Management

For your logistics fleet management, you need to stay agile and connected. Our fleet management software and solutions take you beyond simple GPS tracking during transportation to complete fleet operations and logistics solutions.

Providing Logistics and Transportation Organizations End-to-End Solutions

Gain complete visibility and control over transportation and fleet operations in your yard or on the road, without timely manual data entry. Our solutions can grant you the real time visibility you need, end-to end, to stay informed on warehousing operations, trailer and container status, transportation, and other supply chain data.

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Efficient Fleet Management Software and Solutions

Give your company a competitive advantage with software and solutions to increase efficiency in all aspects of your business. Manage all related processes, with an unparalleled ability to view all assets and vehicles, including asset health; get reports and trends to give you clear, actionable information. Gain the most information possible from several sources and the widest range of equipment, for better decisions. Ensure trailers and containers are temperature regulated, forklifts and shunt trucks are operating optimally in your loading docks/yard, deliveries are proceeding along routes as planned, and much more. Set up notifications and alerts to keep you informed for timely responses, too. Electronic workflows, reminders, and other tools streamline processes and reduce manual data entry to save time and reduce errors. Centralize data, ensure accuracy and effective communication and coordination, while optimizing and streamlining. Enjoy complete operational visibility fleet management control.

360 Degree Supply Chain Visibility and Support

Enhance your warehousing and fulfillment operation, with tracking of forklifts, containers, and other assets. Gain valuable information about engine and asset health, as well as location. Predict and schedule maintenance based on accurate and historical data, while automatic workflows and reminders ensure work is done. Increase asset utilization; you can know where everything is at a glance and redeploy if necessary. Know if assets are being misused or stolen, and take action.
All aspects of your operations and data from your entire fleet, including non-vehicle assets, as well as relevant and meaningful data from multiple sources, are seamlessly integrated into one platform. This allows you to easily view reports, trends, and summaries on your screen. This gives you the full-picture visibility you need to coordinate logistics and supply chains from start to finish. Track movements in warehousing to prepare for transportation, ensure product safety with temperature, light, and other sensors, optimize routes, create zones, track time theft, identify driver congregation and much more. Choose a single solution that can handle all aspects and all equipment and assets, for the full control you need.
Integrating vehicle data with fuel card data helps you manage fuel usage with no effort. Route optimization, with dynamic dispatching and rerouting capabilities help you save money on fuel consumption while saving time. You get complete information compiled in reports so you can make informed decisions to increase efficiency.
Ensure safety and compliance in all aspects of your business. Electronic vehicle safety inspection forms and other forms, coupled with streamlined workflows and automatic alerts and notifications help fleet managers ensure these and other tasks for safety are completed. Data-driven and superior maintenance program functionality ensures reliable vehicles for drivers, as well. Our solutions monitor driver behavior and allow for immediate coaching and correction, for driver safety. Our systems are designed to facilitate compliance activities; easily manage and ensure HOS, DVIRs, ELD, your own company polices other requirements.
Offer customers superior service and more service options, and be able to offer them the benefits of real-time tracking, as well, with our solutions. Instant re-optimizing of routes in case of delays ensures deliveries still get through on time, so customers can be confident in your reliability and speed.
Gain the power of route optimization with dynamic routing that lets your fleet managers take advantage of up to the minute information. Incorporate a multitude of factors, including same-day delivery requirements, traffic conditions, and other considerations to allow you to plan effectively. Your company will benefit from being able to fit more trips in, while reducing fuel costs and wear and tear. Know if traffic conditions change or other situations arise that put timely delivery at risk, and be able to re-route or make other changes with a few simple clicks. Reliability is critical for logistics companies. Ensure your company can deliver on time, every time.

Be Informed for Immediate Responsiveness and Long-Term Planning

Stay agile and be able to strategize for the future. Benefit from cutting edge technologies that let fleet managers easily coordinate, respond, learn, and identify areas of opportunities for improvement. With real time information from a variety of sources, as well as notifications and alerts that you can customize to meet your exact needs, know instantly about any situations or issues. Be able to respond quickly, knowing you have all the information you need. You have all the resources to analyze and plan for long-term success, including benchmarking and goal setting tools, with our fleet management software solutions.


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