OnCommand Connection

Navistar’s OnCommand Connection is a revolutionary, open architecture remote diagnostic system - the first and only one in the truck industry. It has transformed fleet management. When a fault is detected, a description of it, its severity, and recommended action plan is generated. More informed decisions are possible, for increased uptime and efficiency, with lower maintenance costs.

A Solution That Lets You Connect to Your Entire Fleet

Manage your entire fleet through OnCommand. Increase efficiency with an integrated vehicle monitoring system that also connects fleets, dealers, and authorized service and repair centers. Since all makes are supported, fleet managers can easily and effectively have full control of all vehicles with just one user-friendly tool. OnCommand leverages real-time vehicle information from a GO device for vehicle maintenance and repairs, so your fleet has fewer roadside breakdowns and more time on the road.

Vehicle health issues and data from fault codes are simplified and communicated, making them more understandable and actionable, while reducing time spent diagnosing issues. It enables better proactivity to address minor vehicle issues before they become significant or cause a breakdown. Enjoy greater uptime, productivity from vehicles throughout their lifespan, and lower total cost of ownership.

A Simple, Scalable, Flexible Solution for Any Fleet

Not only is OnCommand compatible with all makes and models of commercial trucks including heavy duty, medium duty and severe service trucks and buses, but it is designed on an open architecture and integrated seamlessly with Geotab telematics, for comprehensive, total fleet management solutions. It uses existing Geotab hardware with no additional costs. You can have complete visibility over your fleet, with easy-to-understand and actionable insights. Keep vehicles on the road and office and management staff informed. Upscale and grow with it whenever you need to.
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On Command Connection How It Works

OnCommand and its advanced remote diagnostics works with any vehicles in your entire fleet, whether it is an IC bus, medium-duty or heavy-duty truck, or other commercial vehicle. The revolutionary open architecture easily integrates with existing business systems. Navistar OnCommand lets you filter information by vehicle type, fault code, time frame or other element, so you can get the reporting you need.
Transmit Truck Data
Automatic vehicle fault code reporting, faults, location, speed and other data is transmitted and stored.
Diagnose Faults, Severity Ratings
From fault codes, vehicle issues are diagnosed and given severity ratings.
Inform Fleet Managers
Diagnostics and suggested action plans are automatically sent to designated management.
Increase Uptime, Decrease Costs
With better predictive maintenance, enjoy fewer repairs, cheaper repairs, and a lower cost of ownership.

Powerful Vehicle Health and Vehicle Fault Code Reporting Features

OnCommand Connection Advanced Remote Diagnostics converts vehicle health data and related information into powerful diagnostic and fleet management tools, enabling better informed and more timely decisions. Gain the competitive advantage of greater uptime with a lower total cost of ownership.

This innovative, leading-edge remote diagnostics solution, which works for all commercial truck makes and models, provides meaningful, powerful and actionable insights for your entire fleet, using OCC Advanced Remote Diagnostics.

This enables the revolutionary fault code action plan feature, which informs and steers service technicians through the exact maintenance required. Codes are explained and assigned severity levels, to make information more understandable and prioritable. Coupled with GPS mapping to nearby service centers, this reduces downtime to minimal levels. Comprehensive vehicle health and history reports are generated, highlighting key vehicle and trip data, service history, fault codes, and more. Managers and key personnel can easily access reports and tools on any device, through a single platform. Reports can be customized and automatically sent to an email or fleet management software solution.


Fast and Easy Implementation for Immediate Fleet Management

However large or small your fleet is, regardless of commercial truck makes, you can start monitoring your entire fleet in real time in minutes. Installation of devices requires no specialists or tools. A smartphone app makes management on the go, from anywhere, flexible and user-friendly.

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OnCommand Link For Fully-Connected Fleets

The simple, plug-and-play International Link device offers over the air programming, and is one of the most advanced connected solutions for Navistar trucks and vehicles. No special service trip is required to install and run it.

The Link's revolutionary technology is the first of its kind, and allows two-way engine communication. All communication is completely wireless and secure. With it, you can ensure all vehicles are using up to date calibrations, with no time or effort required, saving you time on trips for servicing, as well as money. You can also be confident in engine health, for better reliability and life span of your vehicles.

OnCommand Connection advanced remote diagnostics mean you can manage your entire fleet more actively, effectively, and easily. It provides fleet managers with standard health reports with over 130 parameters. Information is stored every 30 minutes. The wealth of information available helps reduce time being services, so your vehicles are ready for jobs.

Reduce fuel consumption and increase engine reliability, with full diagnostics, for a more productive, efficient fleet.


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