Fleet Safety Management

A critical component of a fleet manager’s job is fleet safety management. Connected Vehicles can help you improve fleet safety, with measurable success.

Driver Safety and Fleet Safety Management Made Easy

With our fleet management and fleet safety programs, you gain unparalleled insight into driver behaviour, vehicle health, and other key safety elements, to help you keep your fleet safe. You can now proactively ensure drivers are coached immediately to prevent dangerous driving behaviours. You have access to real-time information, to take preventive actions for avoiding accidents. You also have access to robust data after an accident to identify root causes and make appropriate corrective actions.

Advanced collision prevention tools are available to further ensure driver safety behind the wheel. Our solutions also ensure an effective, proactive vehicle maintenance program, to prevent incidents related to mechanical failure, as well as providing driver safety scorecards.


Comprehensive and Meaningful Safety Management Summaries and Reports

Safety reporting is an important part of an effective fleet safety program. Accurate measurement is essential to knowing if safety policies are being followed and knowing whether safety initiatives are successful. With Connected Vehicles' solutions, you have easy access to robust and accurate reports and trends, so you can take informed, proactive measures to improve fleet safety. Benchmarks can easily be set, with performance against it tracked in real time. Weekly or monthly driving trends can be viewed. Reporting can also be broken down, based on divisions, types or groups of vehicles, or individual driver or divisional fleet manager.

Driver Training Programs and Coaching

Show a commitment to safe drivers with safety training. Driver training used to be a challenge with a dispersed workforce, but now, timely, meaningful coaching is possible.

Reporting for Fleet Managers

Comprehensive data on speeding, idling, and more is collected by default. Automated customizations to monitor harsh acceleration, cornering, braking, and reversing are other risky driving behaviours that can be monitored. By setting rules, fleet managers get instant notifications on violations so they can begin to address and correct.

Safety Statistics to Drive Safety Policies

To make the wealth of data usable, automatic reports are available. Real-time, clear reporting provides measurable and actionable information to ensure fleet driver safety.

Get Notification Immediately After a Collision With Relevant Data

In case of a collision, immediate notifications ensure the fastest possible response to aid the driver. All collision data is tracked for post-incident analysis. Whether or not driver error is a factor, you will have comprehensive information for a full investigation, to enable corrective actions to improve safety performance in future.
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Improve Fleet Safety Program Compliance

With a wide range of driver behaviours now able to be tracked, you can finally measure compliance to fleet safety practices accurately. You are now able to see accurate reports on unsafe driving practices, such as reversing when leaving, harsh braking or accelerating, sharp cornering, aggressive lane changes, speeding, or wavering across lanes. Compliance activities, such as routine vehicle inspections, are simplified and streamlined, with online documentation. Compliance to fleet safety policies can be measured and improved, with robust, meaningful information that can allow policies to be enhanced as necessary.
GoTalk is an advanced solution which gives real-time feedback to drivers about their individual driving, for improved safety. It is designed to help form good habits, not just reduce poor ones, without creating a negative environment for the driver. It implements fun techniques to improve driver safety and skills. You can have complete visibility and control; they can add tools and set limits as desired. Drivers are notified when allowable conditions are exceeded, with real-time feedback from a digital coach, instead of basic alerts. Feedback on road safety and performance can be given in English, French, Spanish, German, or Italian.

Fleet Management Software That Directly Helps Driver Performance and Safety

Connected Vehicles offers driver safety software solutions that are effective, and directly protect drivers. Immediate, relevant driver coaching leads to fewer collisions because of immediately improved driver behaviour and better driver performance. Consistent, timely driver coaching means better driving habits.

Specific behaviours can be targeted, including seat belt usage, harsh braking, aggressive acceleration and cornering, and speeding. Even symptoms of driver fatigue or distracted driving can be monitored and targeted. Fleet managers can assign risk and safety scores to drivers based on these factors.
Speeding is more accurately monitored, with driving speed compared to the actual posted road speed, not just an alert when going over a set speed. After-hour usage is also monitored, for security purposes.

You can also protect your drivers from road accidents caused by poorly-maintained vehicles, from an inadequate preventive maintenance program, with our vehicle maintenance solutions. Our collision avoidance options provide yet another direct layer of protection for your drivers.

Our fleet management software gives you all necessary tools for a safe team of drivers. The next step in fleet safety is video telematics, giving fleet managers even more control over the entirety of the fleet, even when they can’t physically be there.

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