Golf Fleet Management

Connected Vehicles has excellent fleet management solutions for golf courses, using the advanced functionality of Geotab. Keep track of your assets, wherever they are on the course. Manage your golf carts and maintenance equipment the same way you would any other equipment or vehicles, with solutions to help you right from your mobile device.

Retain Control of Your Golf Vehicles with Superior Visibility

Connected Vehicles can help you control unnecessary costs associated with improper maintenance, thefts, risky driving, and a wide range of concerns. Golf carts, heavy-duty riding mowers, landscaping equipment vehicles and any other golf vehicles and equipment are expensive assets. As golf course managers, you want to get the most out of each vehicle, throughout its lifecycle, and protect your assets. Benefit from the fleet management system that complex fleet management companies use and value. Simplify your processes and administration, and control costs through more actionable insights.

Superior Asset Utilization and Vehicle Location Tracking

With easy plug and play installation, fleet management is a breeze, even with non-traditional fleet vehicles like yours. Our fleet tracking solutions help you know what is being used, how it is used, and where it is at all times.

Multiple Location Functionality in Fleet Management Software

You can track vehicle health and maintenance, as well as vehicle location, plus other metrics for data driven decisions that can be broken down site-wide, division-wide, or company-wide. Custom solutions meet your unique fleet operations needs.

Unparalleled Visibility and Reporting of Real Time Data for Fleet Managers

Since you can't be everywhere to physically see what is happening with your vehicles, Connected Vehicles' fleet management software does it for you. Capturing data from a wide range of sources, you can see everything, wherever you are, from your mobile device.
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Optimize Operations With Fleet Management Solutions, Including a Fleet Tracking System

A GPS fleet tracking solution can help you increase fleet efficiency and effectively manage your golf fleet for better productivity. It is easier than ever to be proactive when it comes to fleet maintenance, to stretch the lifespan of vehicles, and reduce unnecessary fuel costs due to poor maintenance. You can maintain a smaller fleet, with less downtime due to breakdowns and emergency, unplanned maintenance. Connected Vehicles' fleet management systems and vehicle tracking systems will collect data in real time, from multiple sources. We customize solutions, to give you unequalled access to all of the metrics you need to make informed decisions in your day to day operations and long term planning.

Fleet Management Tools Optimized Seamlessly with Fleet Management Software

Robust GPS tracking and comprehensive data collecting is good, but the full Connected Vehicles advantage comes with customized solutions and Geotab's ability to pull all of the metrics and present meaningful information on convenient dashboard presentations. These allow golf course managers to easily see and monitor fleet performance, in real time, from anywhere, on a mobile device. All elements of fleet operations can be viewed easily. The software and solutions are so flexible, they are suitable for non-traditional fleet management applications.

Critical metrics on fleet vehicles and driver behaviour are available to your fleet manager, with just a few clicks. With fleet visibility and other asset tracking, you are more in tune with your assets, to know what you have, what is out of service, and what is underutilized. Our management solutions puts you and your managers fully in control of your entire fleet.

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Gain and Maintain Control Over Your Fleet, From Fuel Consumption to Driving Behaviour

Get robust, comprehensive data and reports on vehicle health and optimize vehicle maintenance. You can even gain more active control of your fuel management and reduce fuel usage. Get the vehicle data you need from multiple sources, including vehicle engines. Meaningful information on engines and RPMs, fuel consumption and vehicle health let you take action to improve efficiency and address maintenance needs. Monitor the driving behaviors of your employees, and even the public. Whether your golf course heavy equipment is being used unsafely, or a customer is driving recklessly in a cart, you can receive real time notifications for immediate response.


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