Fishing and Boats Fleet Management

At Connected Vehicles, we understand the unique challenges involved in the management of boat fleets. Managing a fleet of industrial fishing vessels or other boat fleets is complex. You need optimizations and efficiencies, like land-based fleets, but tailored to your industry. Connected Vehicles can help.

Manage Your Local or Global Fishing Fleet from Any Location

Our solutions and technologies are flexible enough and robust enough for industrial vessels for businesses of all fleet sizes. Whether your vessels are primarily in coastal waters or deep sea waters, Connected Vehicles will give you the visibility and control you need for your fishing fleet management, with a single platform that you can see and do everything from.
  • Accurate location tracking of vessels
  • Robust data on status of vessels
  • Real-time, centralized reporting and trending
  • Improved compliance reporting and documentation

Track and Maintain All Vessels

Gain the necessary tools for more effective management of your global fleet operations, national fleets, or recreational fishing business. Improve full lifecycle maintenance. Get data, reports, and summaries on your world fisheries operations, to coordinate and actively oversee all your vessels. Gain more active control of maintenance and compliance processes. Regardless of whether you are a one of the small scale fisheries businesses, or have a large number of vessels, we can help you improve fishing efficiency.
  • Reduce unplanned downtime and costs
  • Increase vessel and equipment lifespan and efficiency
  • Optimize preventative maintenance schedules and activities
  • Be more proactive and improve safety

Benefit From Multiple-Data Sources With Integrated Software

Connected Vehicles' solutions integrate data from multiple sources, including third-party technologies, tracking equipment and software, and other systems. Using our enhanced solutions and the power of Geotab technology, information is collected and seamlessly integrated under one platform for easy viewing.

This means you now have the opportunity to fully benefit from the wide range of data sources available, in a more meaningful way. The advantage of Connected Vehicles' solutions and Geotab technology is the ability to collect valuable third-party data, as well, to integrate into your reports, summaries, and trends. Benchmarking is simple, and progress reports against benchmarked goals are immediate. Make more informed decisions. Adjust fishing techniques and fleet management practices and strategies as necessary, proactively instead of reactively.


Easy Implementation, With Flexible, Customizable Solutions

Tracking devices are simple to install and implement, with plug and play functionality, for an easy roll-out of the system, however complicated or spread out the ships in your fleet are. This lets you have a fast and simple start-up to your enhanced fleet management program. The data collection and integration to the single platform is just as easy and painless. In addition, Connected Vehicles works with you to customize and tailor your solutions, so that management is simple and meets your needs exactly. Get to more efficient and better fleet management with solutions that don't require 'growing pains'.

Stay Connected With All Vessels in Real Time

Connected Vehicles' solutions ability to draw data from multiple sources, and integrate them seamlessly, allow for unparalleled communication and connectedness, with real-time connectivity. Be fully connected with all trawlers, ships, or other vessels, individually or as a whole. Have the real-time information you need from each ship or vessel to make timely decisions to reduce costs, improve safety, optimize performance, and more. View and monitor assets, with transparent, custom reports in real time. Minimize risk and identify actionable opportunities for improvement. Even though your fishing fleets are spread out all over the ocean, you can now stay truly connected, around the world.
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Key Benefits of Connected Vehicles' Solutions for a Marine Fleet

Unlike many simple GPS tracking products, our solutions go beyond, providing real value for marine fleets. We offer greater flexibility and features that work for the unique industry of fishing fleets and marine vessels, allowing you to get the right kind of information you need for analysis.

Accurate Location Data Sources

Our tracking hardware and solutions allow boats in your fishing operations to be easily tracked, with high location accuracy. Know exactly where boats in your fishing fleet are, and monitor the whereabouts of both your shipping boats and the containers.

Fishing Vessels' Engine Power and Health

Gain valuable fleet data; our solutions track data like engine power and health, historical data, and other key data on your motorized vessels and non-motorized vessels.

Improvement in Productivity and Efficiency

With more complete and accurate information, in real time, and clear reporting and trending information with historical data, you can make better informed decisions to improve efficiency and productivity.


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