Connect your fleet with GPS fleet tracking services and GPS fleet management software that go far beyond tracking location. Connected Vehicles provides complete, comprehensive fleet management solutions that are tailored to you, and grow with your business.

Accurate, Real-Time Tracking Solutions For Informed Decisions

Regain control of your operational efficiency. With valuable, timely data and reports for meaningful information, your fleet manager can truly see everything that is going on, with actionable information. Don't waste time trying to track and sort information that isn't timely, accurate or useful, and just creates extra work with information you can’t make changes to. With real-time, complete visibility of fleet operations, our fleet management system helps reduce expenses, and increase productivity, efficiency, and safety. Get the information you need for proactive fleet maintenance, driver data and safety, efficiency and fuel usage, and more, all on a single fleet management platform.

GPS Fleet Tracking Software Advantages

Easily view several different fleet tracking reports, to understand trends in your operations. Get meaningful analysis of fleet vehicles, driver behaviours, productivity, and more, which can be broken down into location, department or company-wide. With customizable dashboards, you can track progress against company goals or other benchmarks, in real time, with superior fleet analytics that require no extra work or administration. Traditionally, it was difficult to manage mobile workforces and communicate effectively, but with fleet telematics, you are connected with your drivers and vehicles.

Plug and Play Tracking Devices

Track more than vehicle location, with easy to install GPS tracking devices. Geotab's GPS fleet tracking system collects accurate data on distance, speed, idling, and more, for better driver and vehicle safety and efficiency.

Stay on Top of Vehicle Maintenance Needs

Get data and reports on vehicle health. Improve safety and optimize vehicle maintenance, fuel usage to reduce fuel costs, and more. Get the vehicle data you need from multiple sources, from engines, drivetrains, and more, presented on a single screen in real time.

Connected Around the World

Since you can't be physically with your drivers across the nation, enhance your connectedness. Improve fleet efficiency by tracking driver behaviors like idling and inefficient driving. Data from a variety of sources creates reports and insights to guide informed decisions on ways to improve.

Improve Driver Behaviours With Tracking, Metrics, and Coaching

Finally, you can accurately monitor drivers’ behavior, and receive safety scores on risky or wasteful driving behaviours, such as sudden braking, seatbelt usage, speeding, hard turning, sharp accelerating, idling, and more, with dashboard reports. Encourage good driving with fun optional applications which can be added.
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Geotab's Fleet Management Software - See Everything on Your Device

A GPS fleet tracking solution can help discover hidden expenses and areas to improve efficiency and productivity. Convenient dashboard presentations give fleet managers a clear view of fleet performance. Critical metrics on fleet maintenance and efficiency and driver behavior are available at the touch of a button. With real-time fleet visibility and other asset tracking, you are instantly aware of what you have and what is happening, making it easier to identify areas to improve. Our management solutions puts you and your fleet managers fully in control of your entire fleet.

With instant notifications and options for in-vehicle coaching you can reduce collisions and insurance rates. Actively monitor and reduce risky driving, with instant notifications that allow you to respond appropriately. Driver safety scorecards give you valuable information on driving, to be aware of concerns, so you can help drive initiatives to improve driver safety. With custom safety alerts and advanced collision avoidance systems, and more, you can keep your drivers safe so they can return home at the end of a shift.

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Fleet Maintenance for Maximum Efficiency

Proactive, preventive vehicle maintenance is critical for optimal vehicle efficiency; excess fuel consumption is linked to unmaintained vehicles. It is also critical to prevent costly emergency vehicle repairs and down time if a vehicle breaks down. Traditionally, the administration required to ensure an effective maintenance program was significant, but with automated maintenance alerts and tools to help you schedule preventive maintenance, this process is vastly simplified.

Our fleet management solution provides custom preventative maintenance plans based on the manufacturer's required schedule. Reduce unwanted costs associated with unmaintained vehicles with instant vehicle health checks. Schedule multiple service jobs in one trip to keep your fleet running. Be proactive to reduce fleet maintenance costs and have a safer fleet, without the hassle of managing unconnected systems for your maintenance program. Our fleet management tools help you stay on top of all aspects of effectively managing a fleet.

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