Fleet Asset Tracking 

Because you have to track much more than just trucks, Connected Vehicles provides real time asset tracking solutions that integrate completely under a single platform. Get fleet management software and solutions to track assets like trailers, containers, equipment, machinery, generators and more.

Gain Complete Visibility and Control of Valuable Assets

Route Optimization, Geofencing and Location Tracking Software

Increase asset utilization and reduce theft or unauthorized use with GPS tracking systems. Reports let you know where everything is. Stay notified about movements of trailers, containers, and more, even when detached, with alerts for unauthorized movements.

Monitor More Than Location of Fleet Assets
Wherever you are, you can monitor the status and conditions of all assets. Alerts to immediately notify you about unwanted temperature or light changes, impacts, or other events and damages keep you informed for timely response.

Software Solutions for a Mobile Workforce and Fleet Managers on the Go

We can set you up with a fleet tracking app, to monitor assets including non-powered assets anywhere, even on android devices. Our asset tracking software gives you visibility into high-value equipment and all asset types. Manage and control everything with a few simple clicks, to maximize usage of your equipment. Asset and fleet maintenance, and other processes, can be scheduled and managed remotely. Asset tracking solutions ensure optimal utilization and eliminates forgotten or lost equipment. Reduce costs due to purchasing additional equipment you do not really need and replacing valuable damaged or stolen items. We enable asset tracking as part of overall fleet tracking solutions, to enhance regulatory compliance efforts, driver safety and asset health, and other initiatives.


Asset Tracking Reports for Enhanced Decisions, in Any Industry

Take your business beyond vehicle location tracking. Fleet and asset tracking software to monitor status, and usage of all assets, including heavy equipment, trailers, and much more. All industries benefit from robust monitoring and tracking of fleet assets. Integrated with other fleet tracking, GPS asset tracking is critical for a variety of industries.
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Full Visibility of Job Sites and Company Locations

Our customized solutions let you monitor high value equipment, including trailers and containers, generators, heavy equipment, generators, golf course or landscaping assets like lawnmowers, power carts, and so much more. Location is automatically tracked, with geofence alerts notifying of unauthorized movements. Our GPS asset tracking solutions track locations within established geofencing around your job sites, so you have control over how these rules are set up.

Add-on sensors enable instant alerts for a range of unwanted events. Real time data is gathered from GPS devices and compiled for customizable reports by asset tracking software. Devices have a long battery life and are highly rugged to survive any job site. Whether you are in the construction, transportation, waste and recycling, seasonal and landscape industries, or any other, you can benefit from the security and control of our superior asset tracking system.

We take the time to recommend and explain how you can use groupings and sub-groupings to maximize the control you have over your fleet, including all vehicles, equipment, and assets.


Maintain Visibility and Control on the Road

Protect your assets, even when they are on the road for transportation, deliveries, and relocation. Locate and recover stolen or missing equipment, wherever they are, with real time location tracking. Give your fleet managers the tools they need for active fleet asset management with actionable information on asset usage and maintenance. Ongoing trending and reporting is available with real time tracking of status data.

Ensure asset integrity while in transport or during delivery with alerts and notifications. Sensors to monitor temperature or light, impacts, opening of trailer doors, and much more can ensure your assets are not being tampered with, even on the road. Protect your company assets and products to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Benefits of Asset Tracking Software and Solutions

Our asset tracking system solutions integrate GPS tracking and status monitoring of physical assets into your overall fleet operations. GPS tracking protects assets from loss, theft, as well as being forgotten or underutilized, with immediate alerts for unauthorized use and clear reports to highlight locations and use. You can also track engine hours, historical data, and geofenced area entry and exit times. Reminders and alerts for maintenance or replacement, damages or impacts, and even exceeding usage thresholds can be set up for timely action. Our solutions are easy to install and completely expandable and flexible, to grow and change as your business does. Increase productivity while you increase efficiency. Enjoy many benefits and competitive advantages with superior solutions.
Fleet Management From Anywhere

Our fleet management software and solutions make it easy to actively manage any operations. View insights on asset and fleet performance for impactful improvements.

GPS Tracking Devices for Safety

Increase warehouse and driver safety, with tracking software and devices, to monitor unsafe behaviours and impacts, onsite or on the road, for all assets.

Compatible With All Worksite Assets

Trailers, containers, generators and your other unique industry assets are all trackable. With battery- or solar-powered asset tracking devices, and cellular or satellite coverage, you are covered.

Preventative Maintenance
Each asset has its own preventative maintenance plan that requires scheduling and inspection. Easily keep on top of this when all preventative maintenance plans are incorporated into one tool to manage them all, for each and every asset.


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