Fleet optimization

The goals of fleet management are to operate fleets efficiently, reduce costs, and provide good performance, while keeping your customers happy. The key to good fleet management is optimizing all the different assets, vehicles, equipment and drivers in different locations through all stages in a vehicle's lifecycle for the entire fleet, getting the most out of them throughout. Optimize your fleet for the best performance and efficiency.

Start With Knowledgeable Decisions Based on Useable Information

Connected Vehicles can set you up with customized reports to meet the needs of your fleet manager and other key personnel’s KPIs. Our fleet management solutions allow you unparalleled access to reports and insights into your operations, maintenance and driver-related factors. With the breadth and depth of information available in real time, you can make decisions with confidence. Take advantage of the most powerful metrics available to reduce fuel consumption, improve driver behaviour, and create the fastest, shortest routes across all your different assets across all your different locations.

Wherever you are, you can access comprehensive data and transparent data on individual vehicles or the fleet as a whole, on your mobile device. You can compare drivers or fleet vehicles individually to target improvement areas, by division or other custom groups. Track fuel usage, route times or unproductive miles, driver actions, and more, so you can identify areas of improvement. You can even see an entire vehicle trip history to assess productivity accurately. We work with you to optimize your fleet’s performance and operations and customize options to measurably improve your operations.

Advanced risk management reports are critical for safety compliance and other compliance needs. With our software solutions, driving patterns are clearly highlighted, allowing measures for increased safety as well as efficiency. Environmental impact and fuel expenses can be reduced when you track idling or non-business driving. Alerts for engine abuse or engine faults occur, and advanced anti-collision features improve safety, and may lower insurance rates. Reporting on stops, speed, driving time, and comprehensive collisions data is unequalled.

You Can't Optimize What You Can't Measure

Connected Vehicles solutions include fleet benchmarking. Benchmarking is a critical tool to objectively evaluate your successes and areas of opportunity. Our fleet management solutions make evaluating and improving your operations easy. Your current performance and progress towards set goals are measured automatically, taking advantage of large amounts and types of data to compare against. Fleet managers can set their own goals and adjust.
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Advantages of Fleet Management Optimization Software

Fleet managers will love the flexibility and control of Connected Vehicles' fleet management software and solutions. They are customizable, and conveniently accessible on a single platform for unparalleled ease of use. Fleet tracking of the entire fleet of vehicles, assets and drivers is easy, requiring no additional administration, allowing fleet managers to focus on fleet performance and fleet efficiency. From fleet maintenance solutions to fleet management route improvements, effective optimization can be done with a few simple clicks.

Reduce Fuel Consumption and Fuel Costs

Be proactive and reduce fuel costs through more fuel efficient routes, reducing idling, and encouraging conservative driving by managing poor driving attributes such as speeding or following too closely.

Vehicle Maintenance and Vehicle Data

Check engine data, fuel consumption, RPM level and other vehicle details, for performance, efficiency, and maintenance needs. Reduce wear and tear, and ensure proper maintenance.

Checklist Vehicle Health

Our software lets you keep on top of your vehicles’ wellbeing, so you are notified if there are engine problems or performance issues you should be aware of. This is done via engine codes, and saves the potential hassle of having a vehicle unexpectedly out of commission for repair or scheduling it for preventative maintenance before there are troubles on the road.

Improve Driver Safety and Behaviour, and Support Optimal Driving

Improve driver behavior with comprehensive tracking and coaching tools. Scorecards, trend reports, and advanced collision avoidance systems all contribute to better safety. Safety feature solutions are customizable to fit specific needs. Your drivers are key to your success, so support them with the tools they need.
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Route Planning and Fleet Route Optimization Software

With customizable options, fleet managers or dispatch can plan routes and set on-route stops with the ability to optimize with a few simple clicks. Zones can be identified for closer monitoring and alerts. Automatic optimizing makes the route more efficient by saving time and gas, but the trip can be adjusted manually if necessary. Route planning for your delivery routes or other travel can take into account traffic congestion, for more dynamic routing. Our routing software will make a dramatic difference in productivity and efficiency, creating the best pre-scheduled routes. These are sent directly to drivers, for seamless, easy communication.

Enjoy more reliable deliveries and trips with route optimization, for trips that are faster and more cost effective. Stay agile, so congestion or other circumstances don't hamper trips. Easily and effectively dispatch drivers for speedier operations, while cutting fuel expenses and unnecessary wear and tear on vehicles. Empower your fleet managers with the tools they need to support and optimize fleet operations.



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