Energy Fleet Management

Connected Vehicles is familiar with the energy, oil and gas sectors, and can help you measure your fleet and equipment performance in real time. Gain full insight and control over your operations to increase asset utilization and reduce downtime, as well improve safety, compliance, and efficiency.

Comprehensive Fleet Management Solutions for the Energy Sector

Fuel Trucks

Optimize routes, and ensure safe transportation of fuel trucks on the go.
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Traditional Vehicles

Comprehensive fleet management solutions integrate traditional vehicles and specialized ones.
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Renewable Energy Fleet

Our solutions are flexible enough to support renewable energy fleet needs.
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Coal or Other Trucks

Advanced sensors to monitor weight, temperature, tampering, and open doors help protect loads.
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Enhancing Transportation and Logistics in Energy Management

Our solutions help with optimizing routes to deliver fuel with greater efficiency. Plan routes to save time and fleet fuel costs. Dynamic scheduling and dispatching means fleet managers can make changes in moments, with a few clicks, if any unforeseen events happen. Fleet managers can monitor and track driver behaviours, vehicle and equipment location across multiple sites,, and much more, to respond effectively and in a timely fashion. Administration time is reduced, with automatic notifications, electronic workflows and forms, ensuring tasks like vehicle safety inspections are completed as required. All forms, data from vehicles and other sources, and tools are all seamlessly integrated into a single platform that provides unparalleled reports and trends for powerful insights into all aspects of your fleet.

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Monitor and Track Fleet Vehicles, Wherever They Are

Transportation of Energy Products 

Oil, gas, mining, and renewable energy businesses benefit from our sturdy, reliable devices and solutions to track and monitor location, driver behaviour, vehicle and engine health, fuel usage (including fuel card data integration) for trucks, trailers, containers, as well as heavy equipment. Ensure vehicles are running smoothly and being operated safely. Be notified immediately for quick response if there has been a collision or incident. You can also be alerted for misuse or unauthorized use of equipment or vehicles, and be able to quickly recover any stolen ones.

Remote Location Solutions

Our solutions can help you keep track of operators working alone through accurate GPS. Devices are more rugged than most products, to ensure they are functioning when needed. We can customize your systems to your needs, whether cell coverage service will work for you, or satellite coverage is needed. Real time engine data can give fleet managers the earliest indicators of an issue, so vehicles are not stranded in remote areas.
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Improved Benchmarking and Trending

Benchmarking tools, accurate, instant data, and clear dashboards allow better goal setting

Improved Communication

Electronic workflows, forms, and reports streamline communication and information sharing.

Improved Control

Access to immediate, complete, and precise information enables rapid and effective management response.

Helping Fleet Managers Improve Operations and Productivity

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Fleet Management Solutions for the Energy Sector

Connected Vehicles can tailor your solutions to your unique operation. With devices compatible with the most variety of assets, including heavy equipment, transportation trucks, electric vehicles, trailers, containers, powered and non-powered assets and much more, we can ensure all of your fleet assets are integrated seamlessly. Dashboard reporting in real time allows fleet managers to actively manage an entire fleet from anywhere, on any device. The open data integration functionality allows for greater depths of insights, for inspired improvements to productivity, efficiency, and performance.

With mobile and remote operations, keyless control options ensure the security of assets while being easily available to those who need them. Vehicle and driver monitoring solutions ensure safe and efficient transportation, and the ability to manage poor driving habits, like harsh braking or wasteful idling. Streamlined, electronic workflows, forms, and notifications speed up processes and reduce administrative time of fleet managers.

Benefits of Comprehensive Fleet Management Software and Solutions

Safety of Workers and Drivers

Reliable, real time monitoring of drivers, including good driving behaviours, collision alerts, electronic safety inspections, and vehicle health data are just a few of the safety features. The Lone Worker add on, provides companies that have workers who do their jobs offsite and alone numerous benefits, including but not limited to:

  • SMS, auto-phone calls, emails and WhatsApp to alert managers
  • Safety audit logs to demonstrate compliance
  • Safety zone (geo fencing)
  • Safety awards and rankings to engage workers and managers
  • Hands free status updates and help signal, using Siri and Google Assistant
  • GPS monitoring reports
  • High-risk check ins, man down monitoring, and a help button to immediately alert managers

Secure Vehicle Access

Secure and flexible vehicles are possible with keyless functionality. Ensure vehicles are locked when not in use, and eliminate unauthorized use or misuse.

Enhanced, Effective Maintenance

Streamlined, electronic workflows, forms, scheduling, and reminders facilitate the full maintenance program. Engine fault data guides maintenance and speeds up repairs.

Ensured Compliance

Advanced compliance solutions ensure HOS, DVIR, ELD logging, and other legislative requirements as well as company compliance policies are being met.

Powerful Insights and Information to Improve Operations

Powerful benchmarking tools, automatic reports and trends are available with current information so opportunities and gaps are identified early. Everything is easily visible from an integrated platform.
Our solutions give you more data; we offer compatibility with more vehicle and equipment types, as well as third party sources, drawing a wide range of information. Meaningful insights, reporting and trends allow you to make informed decisions.
Energy, oil, gas, and mining fleet equipment and vehicles must deal with rough terrain and remote areas. Benefit from a wealth of vehicle and engine data to maximize predictive and prioritized maintenance, to reduce downtime, maintenance costs, and learn from historical trends to optimize programs for the future.


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