Fleet Management Maintenance software 

Manage an entire fleet with ease on a single platform, from anywhere, with web-based software that meets all your fleet management needs. Whether your fleet consists of heavy construction equipment, marine vessels, golf carts, or any mix of vehicles unique to your operations, we can set you up on the My Geotab platform for access to solutions for faster, better-informed management.

Fleet Management Software

MyGeotab is fleet management software that simplifies and streamlines your fleet management system and processes. It collects robust vehicle and asset data that goes far beyond simple GPS vehicle tracking, and integrates it into actionable, comprehensive reports on one fleet management platform. Reports on engine health, fleet maintenance and vehicle downtime, driver behaviours, fuel consumption, and much more are available with real-time information at the click of a button. Meaningful insights to highlight potential areas to improve are clearly visible. We simplify your data collection, so you get useful and actionable information on fleet assets. You can even easily view benchmarking and trending information to gauge fleet efficiency, productivity, and safety.

With electronic forms for inspections, preventative maintenance management activities, and more, plus automated notifications and alerts, your fleet management and maintenance activities and processes are streamlined to save time.

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Whatever your fleet size or composition, our fleet management software solutions can help you grow and grow with you. As your needs change, third party add-ons can add to your functionality to meet these new needs. We can help you customize solutions, with a software development kit, if you have unique needs that need a unique solution.

Simple tracking devices allow for the data to be fed to MyGeotab, which means you can easily add on new vehicles in your fleet, and monitor more than conventional vehicles. Specialty or heavy equipment and trailer tracking is a breeze, with the ability to add new assets to your system at any time.

After a quick and easy implementation, fleet managers can have complete control of the fleet and adjust software options and reporting as necessary. With advanced telematics technology, vehicle location, routes and other data can be broken down by individual vehicle, zone or branch, or all fleet operations.

Gain insight on how to reduce fuel usage and carbon emissions; tools for efficient EV fleet management are also available. Insights and information to optimize fleet maintenance, for preventative maintenance and repair maintenance, reduce downtime and increase utilization and efficiency. Fleet managers have unparalleled access to information on engines and vehicle health for the most informed decision-making power. Driver behaviour and poor driving habits are monitored as well, with tools to actively eliminate poor habits. You can get your fleet management solutions tailored perfectly for your needs.

Fleet Management Software Solutions
Working at the Speed of Business

Actionable, Real Time Data
For a competitive advantage, you need accurate, timely, meaningful information. Our fleet management software is user-friendly, letting you monitor real time fleet performance, with clear dashboard reporting on the most vehicle and driver data possible. Easily tailor your fleet management software with a rules feature that toggles rules on and off with a click. Reliable notifications and alerts, including emails, pop-ups and in-vehicle coaching ensure timely communication.
Engine Health for Fleet Maintenance
Be a fleet maintenance pro and collect a wealth of vehicle data from your fleet including engine health, emissions, vehicle battery data and more. Alerts on potential critical engine health issues, and prioritization reports assist repair maintenance. Enable better preventive maintenance with the ability to detect potential issues earlier and with tools for schedules.

Facilitate Fleet Operations and Support Your Mobile Workforce

Our solutions can be seamlessly integrated into your existing business processes and systems to ensure complete operational compatibility. Help your drivers with in-vehicle driver feedback and coaching tools that help manage driving behavior. Reduce vehicle mileage and fuel costs by creating zones and routes for your drivers, and ensure they have a more reliable vehicle, with better vehicle maintenance and advanced preventive maintenance tools.

Get accurate data on your entire team and fleet, to identify areas of improvement, like reducing fuel consumption, adjusting maintenance scheduling, increasing parts inventory, and more. Reduce the total cost of ownership of your assets.

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Advanced Technology Reporting
Get the information you want, how and when you want it. Standard reports are highly useful, but can be customized if you need different or more detailed reports.
Unequalled Communication Facilitation
With in-vehicle driver feedback and coaching tools, and real-time information, automated alerts and notifications, critical information is communicated for connected employees.
Connectedness and Integration
Integrate robust and accurate vehicle and location information into your existing systems and other operations seamlessly, for a simple but powerful experience.

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