Agriculture Fleet Management

Whether you are transporting your produce or agricultural machinery, Connected Vehicles can help you with agricultural fleet management. Monitor your farm equipment, vehicles, machines, and non-motorized assets. Track utilization of assets across all farming operations and gain insightful data to help you optimize and increase efficiency.

A Fleet Management Solution for the Agriculture Industry

Choose a fleet management solution that works for the unique needs of agricultural fleets. Connected Vehicles will provide solutions that let you connect via mobile network or satellite for more remote agricultural operations, and help you with agriculture fleet tracking and management solutions for the complex, varied equipment, assets and operations of the agriculture industry.

Use GPS Technology to Optimize Performance

A single platform collects data from vehicles, equipment, and assets, and integrates into one software solution for valuable reports, including a key performance indicator dashboard. It can provide data in real time. You can make highly informed decision-making, based on a wealth of reliable data. Capitalize on options that let you measure progress, while providing practical insight and guidance on ways to improve. Software functionality lets you plan efficient routes to reduce fuel consumption, operational costs, and improve production. You can reduce your environmental impact as well as cut costs by reducing your emissions through tools to track fuel use and poor driver habits that waste fuel, such as idling.

Enhance and Optimize Your Agriculture Business

Our solutions let you geofence areas to optimize planning of harvesting and fertilising. You can also avoid areas for soil cultivation. You can know the precise location of all assets, for better resource allocation and easier management of farm work. Get notified of key events as they happen, such as vehicle damage, so you can react quickly. Safety in your operation is also improved, with our tools.

Improved Maintenance for Productive Field Operations

Track powered and unpowered assets live in the field with farm equipment tracking devices that actually work with farm equipment and vehicles. Benefit from improved maintenance processes and predictive maintenance tools based on engine fault codes and other data. Customized solutions for enhanced scheduling, dispatching and operating each asset lets you get more done and lower maintenance expenses. Monitoring engine hours and engine diagnostics, combined with maintenance alerts reduces downtime and increases operating lifespan.

Real Time Data, Even in Remote Areas

Because you can monitor all farming assets in multiple locations using cellular networks or satellite coverage, our system means you can fully monitor your fleet, including heavy machinery, trailers, equipment, and more. All assets are included in fleet reporting to maximize the GPS tracking benefits. A satellite modem allows complete coverage and integration for your operations, which is especially critical if an operator is out of cellular range. Since our solutions also are compatible with agricultural equipment, our system, combined with seamless satellite coverage, means your fleet and operators are fully managed and protected. You can monitor engine hours, health, usage, lone and remote workers and other related information from anywhere. Our software solutions give you full control and visibility of your farm machinery and farm equipment to map, plan work, maintain, and operate. Off-road fleet tracking is essential, and the GO RUGGED device has the ability to keep up with heavy duty operations.

Benefits of Our Fleet ManagementTools and Solutions


Better Delivery for Customer Service

Plan efficient routes to reliably deliver uncompromised produce, on time, with product quality controls ensured.

Effective Management of Entire Fleet

Have all equipment and machinery in your agricultural fleet managed seamlessly. Optimize safety, maintenance, efficiency, and more, from one platform.

Eliminate Costs of Stolen or Misused Vehicles

With accurate tracking, you can prevent and recover stolen equipment and assets, even in remote locations.

Comprehensive Solutions to Fit Agriculture Fleets

Reduce Operational Costs

Lower costs through improved safety, fuel management, comprehensive monitoring of machinery and engine health, faster and better routing, and theft protection.

Optimize Efficiency

Collect and use the largest amount of data possible, with reporting, productivity and efficiency tools that allow you to easily plan planting, harvesting, and efficient routes for delivery. Manage operators and driver behaviours to eliminate bad or wasteful habits, including idling. Effective decision making based on data is easier than ever before. All components of your fleet are integrated completely to manage more easily.

Reduce Operational Downtime

Your agricultural business relies heavily on well-functioning vehicles and machinery. With tools that are compatible with your diverse fleet, predictive maintenance and fault codes ensure everything is working. From being able to harvest when you need to, to delivering reliably while protecting produce quality, unexpected downtime is not an option. With enhanced tools for preventive and required maintenance, operations are smoother and easier.

Protection of Produce

Trailers and other non-motorized assets can be integrated perfectly for produce safety. Temperature tracking and control, tampering monitoring, and other tools ensure produce is not contaminated.


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