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The Power of Choice – What Flexibility and Control Means for Your Business Operation

One size does not fit all. That’s why you want to look at a telematics system that integrates the features you need to manage your operations. Your business has different needs, requirements and goals whether they are yours or your customers’. And those evolve each year.   One of the key factors that sets Connected […]
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One size does not fit all. That’s why you want to look at a telematics system that integrates the features you need to manage your operations. Your business has different needs, requirements and goals whether they are yours or your customers’. And those evolve each year.


One of the key factors that sets Connected Vehicles apart is its extensive marketplace integrations and customer support to set up the best business operations management system. With the power of telematics,  we provide a wide range of options for customization, integration, and expansion. With failure rates less than 1% with Geotab you have the power of choice from the largest add on integrator with over 250+ integrations available. From the newest in telematics safety such as dash cameras and asset trackers, to maintenance, to customer forms, and more, these are the categories available rounding out a seamless business management system:

It’s not just for trucking, these tools apply to industries such as:


man using geotab for marketplace

man using geotab for marketplace

What is Marketplace


The Geotab Marketplace is a centralized hub that offers an extensive selection of third-party applications, software add-ons, hardware accessories, and customization options. This marketplace enables Geotab users to tailor their telematics solutions to meet their specific needs and objectives. From industry-specific applications to integration with other business systems, the marketplace acts as a catalyst for optimizing fleet management operations.


What does this mean for your fleets:


  • Choice of Market Leaders: Provides the right solution from a variety of industry leaders in their respective categories to what you’re looking for. It’s customization to fit your fleet’s needs. instead of trying to make a software solution work for you. The manufacturers/service providers are the experts that are evolving their solution to fit the needs of the future too.
  • Scale Your Solution Faster and Easier: Geotab marketplace ensures easy deployment and scalability for organizations of all sizes. With a diverse range of marketplace options, businesses can start with a basic telematics solution and gradually expand their fleet management capabilities as they grow. The seamless integration and compatibility of the marketplace applications and add-ons make scaling up a hassle-free process. Upgrade your solution pieces as needed.
  • Control: As a fleet manager or business owner, you have control over the completed solution. You have total control over all the pieces you need and you are not forcing your needs into pieces that don’t fit your goals.
  • Flexibility to Choose the Components that Work for You: Organizations can expand the functionality of the connected platform by adding complementary hardware and accessories. From asset tracking devices to temperature sensors, camera systems, and even advanced diagnostic tools, there’s a vast selection of products to extend the capabilities of the ecosystem. This flexibility allows businesses to adapt their fleet management solution to meet evolving operational demands, maximizing efficiency and productivity. When one piece doesn’t work or no longer fits your solution, you can swap out to a different component. It’s a lot to learn when you go to deploy a system with implementation, training of drivers and other staff who’ll use it. It’s easier to swap out a new component and learn in bite sizes.
  • Industry Specific Applications: Marketplace houses an impressive array of industry-specific applications, catering to various sectors such as transportation, logistics, construction, utilities, and more. These applications are designed to address the unique challenges faced by specific industries, providing targeted solutions to optimize fleet operations. Whether it's compliance management, driver safety, route planning, or remote diagnostics, the marketplace options ensure that businesses can find specialized tools tailored to their industry needs.
  • Customer Support: With all the connected applications, you need a one stop shop for anything that happens with your device and software. At Connected Vehicles, we work with the vendors to trouble shoot your issues within 24 hours. Our team of experts support your telematics journey, every step of the way advocating for your needs, because we know them.


Every fleet has its own set of challenges, they are all unique. That’s why it’s important to find the right match of a solution.

When choosing the right solution, make a list of:

  • The show stoppers
  • Things that you would like the have
  • Prioritize the list
  • Determine the importance of each item because no one may have everything on your list
  • Sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know so you may have to do some research. That’s where we help. We’ll help match you to the right component


Marketplace has different categories. Reach new heights of success with real-time solutions that boost productivity, safety, compliance and more. We will help you navigate through the different fleet solutions that integrate with Geotab to find the right one that fits your unique business  needs.

Tap into the full potential of your data by connecting the things that matter to your business.


Marketplace Applications

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