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4 Tips to Master the Art of Evaluating Third-Party Vendors: Best Practices for Seamless Project Management
In the bustling digital age of 2023, the business landscape has seen a significant shift towards outsourcing tasks to third-party vendors. This trend isn't just about cutting costs; it's about leveraging expertise, scaling operations, and optimizing resources. Understanding the Third-Party Vendor Landscape The term "third-party vendor" might sound like corporate jargon, but it's important to […]
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The Impact Of Driver Behavior On Fleet Productivity
It seems obvious that poor driving behavior will have a clear impact on fleet productivity and efficiency, especially for large or complex fleets. However, the extent and far-reaching ways it can have consequences are often overlooked. It may be tempting for a fleet manager to avoid a focus on driving behavior when looking at ways […]
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The Role Of Telematics In Fleet Productivity Management
Great strides have been made when it comes to telematics technology, which has resulted in bigger potential impacts and advantages for fleet management. Telematics can help greatly with your fleet performance efforts, driving fleet productivity forward. What Is A Telematics System? Telematics is a combination of different technologies, sciences, and methodologies, including vehicle and mechanical […]
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Cybersecurity management in telematics
THE VALUE OF TELEMATICS DATA Telematics generates a vast amount of data, including a detailed history of vehicle and driver activities and operations. This data type is beneficial within an organization for controlling fuel and maintenance costs, increasing productivity and safety, and minimizing risk. Using telematics for collision reconstruction or benchmarking can generate even greater […]
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Fleet Management Mental Health 101
Do you have programs in place to support your team? Is your team aware of them? Coming off a pandemic, still dealing with supply chain issues, shortages of staff, increased workload, less time with family, and the overall state of the geopolitical world, impacts everyone differently. In America, top sources of stress were the rise […]
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Track Your Assets for Fleet Management Transparency
Connected Vehicles offers state-of-the-art fleet tracking tools to help scale your business with flexible solutions for your platform. Know where your assets are, reduce stops, coordinate routes and maximize your productivity with asset tracking. Asset tracking is vital to ensuring your fleet’s being used in the most efficient way possible. Keep your business as productive […]
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Cybersecurity – Questions to Ask Your Telematics Provider
SECURITY IS A COMPLEX TOPIC THAT DEALS WITH EVERY PART OF A TELEMATICS SYSTEM. Simply asking “is our data secure?” isn’t enough. With valuable data on the line, your questions should aim deeper. Look for specific implementations and strategies that form the very basis of modern security standards. The following questions are intended to serve […]
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