Fleet Preventive Maintenance

One of the most critical aspects of fleet management is ensuring an effective preventive maintenance program. Vehicle maintenance is more proactive, reducing costs and unexpected downtime. Connected Vehicles’ solutions make proactive preventive maintenance effective and easy.

Simplify and Optimize Your Preventive Maintenance Program

Real Time Vehicle Health Data Analysis

Get real time electronic inspection data on electrical system components to identify issues and prioritize vehicle repairs. Active diagnostic faults, critical engine data and predictive engine health allows for more flexible fleet preventive maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance Software for Diagnostics and Maintenance

Fleet managers can have full access to engine fault code information to address engine issues proactively, before costly repairs and down-time is needed. Automatic notification of codes identify and locate engine issues to save time and money.

Enhanced Preventive Maintenance Program

Fleet managers can easily oversee the enhanced preventive maintenance program. Electronic forms and record keeping, automated alerts and reminders, and real time, robust diagnostics for timely response improve efficiency. Our enhanced fleet preventive maintenance program solutions let you view diagnostics remotely, manage inventory, and predict maintenance needs, accurately and easily, all from a single platform. The enhanced preventative maintenance program integrates with a lot of original equipment manufacturers to get the unique preventative maintenance schedule and parts. We can provide you with a cost effective solution to identify or predict issues, and prioritize repairs to avoid breakdowns and downtime. Increase fleet safety, too, with dependable vehicles.

Easy Routine Maintenance Records

With Connected Vehicle solutions, improve recordkeeping, with an automatic and optimizable preventive maintenance schedule that helps track your parts inventory, work orders, and other key documentation, while streamlining processes. You can even automate service reminders and communication alerts. Your preventive maintenance checklist and schedule documents are electronically maintained for easy retrieval. We can help you automate and streamline work orders, inventory and parts management, purchasing, and more, with customizable fleet reports on all maintenance tasks, repair costs and metrics.

Benefits of Telematics for Usage-Based Preventive Maintenance

Good maintenance is critical for fleet efficiency. It reduces fuel consumption and improves safety, reliability and resale value. Predictive, or usage based maintenance allows for flexible, timely work. Fleet maintenance software allows prioritization of vehicles that most need maintenance based on engine problem codes and other data. Early symptoms trigger proactive maintenance. Driver behaviour predictors are also incorporated. Aggressive driving, such as hard braking or accelerating, and unauthorized vehicle usage can increase wear on vehicles; our solutions also allow monitoring of such activities to reduce them.

Fleet Management Software to Optimize and Simplify

Our maintenance solutions allow direct communication with vehicles, unlike most other systems available. Remote diagnostics let you identify and address issues at the earliest possible stage and enables predictive maintenance. This allows the process to be nearly completely automatic. Our telematics solutions combine software with vehicle engine data seamlessly, to trigger preventative maintenance as needed. Scheduled servicing and unscheduled maintenance can be managed within the same platform. Reduce accidents, vehicle breakdowns and downtime, and fuel waste, with preventive maintenance plans to optimize vehicle health. We can help you tie your maintenance into the rest of your fleet management to simplify and streamline. Inventory management, alerts, reminders and other tasks are streamlined and electronic for full reporting functionality.

Remote diagnostics, inventory management, and predictive maintenance capabilities can all be accessed anywhere, in real time. Get the data and informative reports you need to create better-informed fleet maintenance budgets, plans, and an accurate and effective preventive maintenance schedule for your fleet vehicles.


Fleet Manager Tools to Enhance Fleet Operations

Stay on top of maintenance schedules, preventive maintenance activities, vehicle inspection forms, and other routine administration of the program. Improve compliance and ensure vehicle inspections are completed as necessary, with digital forms and automated reporting. Incorporate a preventive maintenance service checklist and other documentation with these to streamline. Customized forms, reports and summaries, and systems allow you to set up a preventative maintenance program that fully meets your needs. Connected Vehicles can help tailor your system for you.

Automate and Digitize Preventive Maintenance Tasks

With electronic forms and automations you can conduct inspections, schedule or finish maintenance tasks, send vehicles for repair, or complete other activities, with all information on one platform

Preventive Maintenance Software Management Reports

Our solutions pull information from vehicles, third party sources, and electronic reports and integrate them together, seamlessly in real time to provide, and create if needed, custom alterations and robust reports.

Eliminate Reactive Maintenance Costs
Reduce administration and maintenance costs associated with an ineffective maintenance process. Identify engine issues earlier to reduce downtime, fuel waste, and other unnecessary expenses.


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