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How to Optimize Off-Road Costs with Asset Tracking
Digital asset tracking is the process of using GPS and other technology to track the location and status of vehicles and other assets while they are off-road. It’s essential in industries such as agriculture, mining, energy, construction, fishing, golf and equipment management. Rental fleets, vehicles and equipment manufacturers are increasing their use of telematics.
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Electrifying Last-Mile Delivery is Cost-Effective
It’s a common sight in most cities. Drivers unload packages at their destinations, large trucks block pedestrian and vehicle lanes. It’s a major inconvenience, not to mention the effects these trucks have on the environment. According to government Canada’s statistics, trucks are among the significant contributors to air pollution, particularly in urban centers.
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5 Ways to Reduce Operational Costs in Your Fleet Management
In many ways, fleet management has never been more difficult. Booming inflation and gas prices continue to eat away at the bottom line of companies that are fleet reliant. With so many economic pressures on fleet-heavy industries, the time has never been better to reduce operational costs in fleet management. Reducing fleet operational costs requires a multi-pronged approach.
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How to Reduce Your Fuel Costs as Gas Prices Rise
According to Automotive Fleet, the cost of gasoline can account for up to 60% of a fleet’s overall operating expenses. This emphasizes how crucial fuel management is for fleet managers as you are in charge of setting the fleet’s budget, determining its profitability ratio, and meeting other performance goals.
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What Is The Best Fleet Tracking System?
It’s becoming almost impossible to run or manage a business fleet efficiently and maximize productivity without a fleet tracking system. A fleet management system is integral to ensuring productive and cost-efficient operations. The best fleet tracking system or software helps you monitor your trailers in real-time and your driver’s behaviors.
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